Psycho Bunny Issue Two – Open Culture

Life is full of surprises. I was in the worst mood yesterday. Out of the blue, someone tagged me in a Facebook comment. A very old issue of Psycho Bunny was seen in this Open Culture article. Below is a screen shot.


Screen shot of an Open Culture Facebook link. Psycho Bunny issue two (2005) was shown in the article. April 2016.

Fellow artist and Facebook friend Norn Cutson had tagged me in a comment, and it was amazing timing.

According to the article, the University of Kansas now has acquired over a 1000 zine titles from a zine library in Lawrence, Kansas.  That’s the same town where William S. Burroughs spent the last ten years of his life. Back in 2006, I was visiting Lawrence trying to find Burrough’s house. If you’re not familiar with Lawrence, Kansas, it’s a small progressive university town. There’s the usual assortment record stores, boutiques, bars, and a venue where I later saw Peaches in concert. It’s a nice little place. Occasionally I would visit Lawrence. It was during these occasional day trips when I came across this small zine library. I donated a few of my self published titles at the time. Never would I thought it would end up in a university archive.

In 2006, it was the same town where I later got a small tattoo of the number 23, in honor of Burroughs.

Funny thing is, looking back on this now, I can see a million and one things wrong with my artwork. For starters, the lines should’ve been bolder. The cover itself still makes me chuckle. I had drawn this after walking around in Long Island City, Queens. My job at the time was located around the Queens Plaza area. There I saw a passed out derelict sprawled out on the sidewalk. The man had urinated in his pants as he slept, holding a bottle. The street hooker was from someone telling me her mother was a drug addict who used to sell her body for drugs in Long Island City. Of course, this was way before the current wave of hyper gentrification in NYC.

My drawing skills have improved massively since then, but for now, you can always read the back issue online.

Read the article here:

  2 comments for “Psycho Bunny Issue Two – Open Culture

  1. April 19, 2016 at 3:01 PM

    The “Wanna date?” reference reminds me of an old cartoon in STOP! Magazine about prostitution on Third Avenue and 12th Street in the early 80s.

  2. April 22, 2016 at 2:37 PM

    Thanks for the reminder about zines. I’m glad your drawing has improved. I have heard many pro writers (one of my fields) say that later in their careers they find their early work embarrassing – the same reason you cited, hence the tie in and belief that wasn’t a totally crazy off topic comment. 🙂

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