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Twice I’ve done artwork concerning wedding invites.

The first one I did back in 2005. Nearly forgot about this one until today.

Wedding invite I had done a quick sketch in 2005.

Wedding invite I had done a quick sketch in 2005.

The second one was much more exciting. I was commissioned by Stacy Aragon, writer and reviewer. She had interviewed some years back. I was honored to contribute a Krampus piece towards her wedding renewal vows. My illustration, done in December 2013, was used in the front for the print version.

Part of the wedding renewal vow invite. I had contributed a Krampus illustration in  Dec. 2013.

Part of the wedding renewal vow invite. I had contributed a Krampus illustration in Dec. 2013.

Part of the wedding renewal vow invite. I had contributed a Krampus illustration in  Dec. 2013. This one was used in the front of the invite. Krampus illustration by Michele Witchipoo.

Part of the wedding renewal vow invite. I had contributed a Krampus illustration in Dec. 2013. This one was used in the front of the invite. Krampus illustration by Michele Witchipoo.

Here’s wishing Stacey and David the very best with their wedding renewals. Oh, and yeah. I’m always available for commissions. Just thought I’d put that out there. Email Witchipoo@witchesbrewpress.net for info.

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So the other morning I had this dream. I was a guest at this wedding, which took place on some school sports field. The field looked suspiciously like the running track at the school I currently attend. Yet it wasn’t my school at all, but instead somewhere in Westchester County.

As for the wedding itself, it looked like a second marriage for both the bride and groom. It was an older interracial couple. The bride was white, the groom black. Both seemed to be in their mid-forties. I viewed the wedding from behind a fence, which separated one part of the local sports field from the rest of the park.

I wasn’t really paying attention to the wedding itself. As I sat down at a worn picnic table, my concerns were more about being able to get a ride back to the train station. I had two suitcases stashed near the closest bathroom. The suitcases weren’t the ones we see today with travelers, with a collapsible handle and wheels attached to the bottom for easy transport. These were two brown suitcases from yesteryear. The type you see in old films, with hard plastic handles. I looked up, and there was a professor I had a few semesters back, who I wasn’t particularly fond of. She saw me, but walked past without acknowledgement. The feeling was mutual.

Out of the blue, I began chatting with this girl. She was the adult daughter of the bride. She looked like a younger version of actress Maya Rudolph who co-starred in the film “Bridesmaids.” Her hair was red, which was pulled back in a dressy bun and wearing a white formal sundress. My guess she was in her twenties. I mentioned that my former professor passed me by. The adult daughter’s response: “Oh that was you? Dude, you should’ve heard the things she said about YOU!”

(Don’t you just hate when people say this?)

She started to get chummy with me. I thought we had a good rapport going, so I figured I would ask her about giving me a lift to the closest train station. Suddenly her tone changed despite me offering to reimburse her for the cost of the gas. She inquired about why I wasn’t calling a cab. My reply was that I didn’t know the area very well. I didn’t have numbers for any cab companies. Plus I have a general dislike for cabdrivers anyway.

Hesitantly, she agreed, but on the condition that I would give her thirty dollars for the ride. Somehow I knew that she was trying to rip me off. In the dream I knew the actual cost of a cab ride. It was twelve dollars, not thirty.

Now in real life, I probably would have told her to go suck it, and called a cab company, right? Yet dreams are dreams, and of course dreams don’t make any sense. So anyway…I replied that I already knew the true fare was twelve, and not thirty. Quickly she told me to wait right there. Within minutes, the groom sat next to me. He was wearing a white suit, white hat, tall, chubby but still muscular. He seemed street wise in a con-man type of way.

“I understand you need a ride” he asked in a semi-deep voice.

Again, in real life, why would a groom offer a wedding guest, particular a stranger a ride to the train station? Wouldn’t he be getting ready for a honeymoon? Wouldn’t he be more focused on his new bride? Most of all, since we were strangers to begin with – why was I even there in the first place? I guess it’s a dream, so of course none of this makes sense.

Anyway, the groom in his street tough voice begins to hustle me for once again – thirty dollars for a ride to the nearest train station. And again, my response was, no, the actual cost is twelve, not thirty. He tried to pretend as if I didn’t know what I was talking about. I interrupted his con-man act by stating “uh, excuse me – I’m from New York.”  His facial expression dropped. He stopped cold for a second. Within seconds he regained his composure…”oh yeah, I’m from Brooklyn myself” continuing where he left off.

He offered a compromise. It would be twenty for the car ride instead of the thirty.

I agreed, but in the dream I didn’t trust the situation. Again in real life I would’ve told him to piss off right from the get go. You would think. He suggested leaving the money in a white business envelope on the picnic table. I did exactly that – but before I did, I slipped out two or three dollars to see what they would do. I excused myself to use the bathroom so I could pick up my two suitcases. I was only gone for about three to five minutes. When I came back, everyone was gone. The wedding, the guests, everything was gone. There was no evidence that a wedding had taken place, not even litter. All I could see was a picnic table, and a large empty field. The only two things left behind was the envelope with the rest of the money, and a set of car keys. They had no intention of ever driving me to the train station. The other reason could’ve been not leaving the full amount specified, so they high-tailed it.

Yet I figured in the family’s attempt to ditch me, the car keys were left in haste. So I took the car keys in my hand, and THREW them angrily far across the field. At this point I figured two can play that game. Besides…you try finding a set of car keys in a large grassy field. That is, if you knew.

Taking my two brown beat-up used suitcases, I lugged myself up a hill to a nearby bagel shop. Strangely enough, this bagel shop looked very similar to the one that’s nearby my school. Huh. Only I was in Westchester. So off I went.

That was my dream. Usually I don’t remember them, especially in full detail. Obviously this one was sending me numerous messages, all which have yet to be decoded. BTW, thanks to this dream, I had overslept, which in turn made me late for my first class. Leave it for Mercury in retrograde for something like this to happen.



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