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Necessary Discomforts Artwork Now Online For Sale

For those who can’t attend the Necessary Discomforts show in Burbank, California, you can always buy the artwork online here: http://www.hyaenagallery.com/rozz.html My piece, “Rozz” along with other artists, are now available for purchase.

Necessary Discomforts Press Release

Rozz Williams and those he inspired: Ryan Wildstar (EXP, The Whorse’s Mouth), Jill Emery (The Asexuals, Hole, Mazzy Star) Lorin Morgan-Richards, Michele Witchipoo, Jeremy Cross, David Richardson, Nicolas Caesar, Frankie Babylon, Gina N. Turcios (Rabbit), Mike Textbeak BURBANK, CA Nationally renowned artists of the macabre will memorialize Rozz Williams, a pioneer of Deathrock and dark…