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Psycho Bunny’s Thoughts On Black Friday – Holiday Strife # 3.

Soon it will be Thanksgiving. Some people use the time off to do some holiday shopping the day after. Hence the term “Black Friday.” Not everyone is thrilled with this concept. Psycho Bunny particularly isn’t. Then again, he’s always broke anyway. However, if you do plan to do some shopping, may I suggest buying some…

Psycho Bunny’s Holiday Strife Part One

Ever become annoyed at all the holiday decor – even before Thanksgiving arrives? Psycho Bunny echoes your sentiment. You can always order your own Psycho Bunny comic either through my website, or through my Etsy shop. Also check out Psycho Bunny on Facebook!

Thanksgiving Thoughts. From Your Local Friendly Misanthrope.

If it wasn’t for my parents, I don’t think I would’ve gone through with a Thanksgiving dinner today. Cause when you really think about it, Thanksgiving is a metaphor for celebrating imperialism, genocide, gluttony, and for some, blatant capitalism the next day. For the dysfunctional, we get together with people. We force ourselves to be…