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Been quiet for a while, but wanted to quickly let everyone know about this book review.

I had submitted two illustration for A Raven Above’s latest book release, ‘Welsh In The Old West’ by Lorin Morgan-Richards. Below is the link for the article, which shows one of the illustrations done for the book.


You can always order the book through Amazon, or through the A Raven Above website.


Book cover for Welsh In The Old West: Illustrated by Lorin Morgan-Richards. Available on A Raven Above Press. I have two illustrations inside this book. Dec. 2015.

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Received my copy of “The Children’s Voice: A Definitive Collection of Welsh Nursery Rhymes” today. Published by A Raven Above Press and written by Peter Anthony Freeman, the book features over 27 different artists from the U.S. and Wales. I’m proud to have contributed to this project.

The book debuted on March 3rd, 2013 at the Los Angeles St. David’s Day Festival – National Day of Wales (Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant, Los Angeles – Diwrnod Cenedlaethol Cymru,) taking place at the Barnsdall Art Park in Los Angeles, California.

At the moment you can order the book through this link:


Book cover for the upcoming release "The Children's Voice: The Definitive Collection of Welsh Nursery Rhymes." To be published by A Raven Above Press

Book cover for “The Children’s Voice: The Definitive Collection of Welsh Nursery Rhymes.” Published by A Raven Above Press

A big thank you goes to Lorin Morgan-Richards for making this possible.

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Just a quick update here. At the moment I have an illustration posted on the Vice Magazine website. You can check out the article, written by John Reed here:

The Golden Age of The Cockroach

Also, I will have an illustration printed in the forthcoming book The Children’s Voice: A Definitive Collection of Welsh Nursery Rhymes to be published by A Raven Above Press. The book, featuring a variety of many talented artists, will be available come spring. It will be released in conjunction with the Los Angeles St. David’s Day Festival on March 3rd, 2013. Details about the book itself forthcoming.

Book cover for the upcoming release "The Children's Voice: The Definitive Collection of Welsh Nursery Rhymes." To be published by A Raven Above Press

Book cover for the upcoming release “The Children’s Voice: The Definitive Collection of Welsh Nursery Rhymes.” To be published by A Raven Above Press. Cover image by Robert Karr.



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Next weekend, if you’re going to be in the Los Angeles area, check out the 2011 West Coast Eisteddfod: Welsh Festival of Arts.

Flyer for the 2011 West Coaist Eisteddfod show.



The illustration I did for the forthcoming book “A Welsh Alphabet” will be on exhibit during this event. September 23, 2011 will also be the release date of the book itself, to make its debut at the the 2011 West Coast Eisteddfod festival.

Forthcoming book "A Welsh Alphabet" to be published by A Raven Above Press, 2011.

You can order your own copy of the book from Amazon.com after September 23 here

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The four page story “Costumes,” is now available in the latest issue of IF-X. “Costumes” is a short Halloween themed story written by Patrick McEvoy, and drawn by yours truly, Michele Witchipoo.

Cover for IF-X v.2 # 9, Halloween 2010 Issue. Inside is a story, "Costumes.' Artwork by me and written by Patrick McEvoy.

Here’s a panel from the “Costumes” story:

Panel from the "Costumes" story, published in the IF-X v.2 # 9 Halloween issue. Story written by Patrick McEvoy and drawn by Michele Witchipoo.

You can order your own issue from this site:
http://idea-men.us/if-x.html or http://idea-men.us/if18_gallery.html

Don’t wait to get your own copy. After all, the v.2 # 5, the Longing and Desire issue originally sold out during its first run. The cover art for issue five was illustrated by me, with my rendition of the Knights Templar/Holy Grail:

IF-X v.2 # 5, Desire and Longing Issue. Holy Grail/Knights Templar Cover done by Michele Witchipoo. Released early 2010.

I will also be selling copies of this latest edition of IF-X at the New York Comic Con 2010. Find me in the Artist Alley section on the weekend of October 8-10, where I’ll not only have IF-X, but other goodies as well. See you then.

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This has been a happy, productive time for me. The book I did six illustrations for, Tales of Woe finally saw the light of day! Written by John Reed, it’s published by MTV Press and distributed by Powerhouse Books. Apparently this book has already gotten great reviews. You can buy the book here, here, or here.

Another two of my illustrations have also been published in Worlds Beyond. That one is more of a quasi-pulp anthology, published by Comicbook Artist Guild, otherwise known as CAG. The genre is Sci-fi/Horror.

I’m back doing the webcomic with writer John Reed titled Shitty Mickey. The fourth episode is up now.

Finally, I have a table in the Artist Alley section of the New York Comic Con 2010 (NYCC 2010). Yay! Other comic con appearances I had within this year have all turned out to be successful. My table at the Mocca Art Fest 2010 was the best ever.

I’m working on other projects, although that’s been coming along slow…slow…slow…not finished as I would have hoped, but it’ll get there.

My Facebook group has more members: facebook comic con/michele witchipoo.

Surprisingly, I’ve kept up regularly this blog promoting myself, in regards with my art/comics/illustrations, comic cons, appearances, interviews, etc. Occasionally, I’ve rambled with what’s been on my mind, observations, and whatnot. Yeah, all that good stuff. After all, on the internet, everyone and anyone has an opinion about everything. Then again, as the saying goes; opinions are like (fill in the blank), everyone’s got one.

What do I know? My political beliefs are half Democratic and half Libertarian. Never a Republican though. Republicans can go kiss my big fat white ass.

Finally, I’m back in school after so, so, so many years. Yeah, its kinda odd, but I’m going back to college really for myself. Let’s face it, the art world, no matter what field, can be pretty snobby. They still wanna see a degree somewhere. Not that I ever cared about what people think, but still. In a rare moment of candidness, I’ll admit the regret of not doing well in school. During elementary and some parts of junior high, I was a decent pupil. Somewhere along the way, rebellion kicked in. Aggravated by the general ignorance of my peers, not ‘fitting in,’ and later on, not wanting to ‘fit in.’ I developed into a perpetual truant. Ironically, when I would cut out of school, it was spent going to museums, reading sub-cultural literature, exploring new places, films, and all that nonsense. Therefore in a way, I believe I would consider myself self-taught in some subjects. Well, somewhat self-taught, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

My interest in learning was reignited when I discovered, let’s say ‘alternative spirituality.’ Been reading tarot cards for years. One day decided to dive head first into esoteric practices. I went on a few different paths like Wicca, Thelema, Chaos Magick, Gnosticism, Theosophy, Eastern Philosophy, Hinduism, Buddhism, Yoruba, what-have-you. My conclusion: it’s all the same crap people. Anyway, I realized that as much as I self-taught myself some things, there was also a case of ‘stunted growth.’ I went from thinking I knew it all to realizing I barely knew jack shit. As I quote Robert Anton Wilson…“If you think you know what the hell is going on, you’re probably full of shit.”

So…long story short, I’m back in college for myself. Starting from the beginning too, ’cause I sucked as a student from way back when. However, those are the consequences. Then again, the past is the past. I didn’t have the drive back then as I do now, so things have a way of working themselves out. Although I feel tinges of feeling as if I’m back in high school, and slight bouts of misanthropy, I’m enjoying myself. One of my plans is to separate my school work from my so-called online/comicbook/illustrator/artist persona. Feel its better this way. Having said that, this will be the last time I will mention school within any my online social networking sites.

The only thing that’s missing now is maybe a band. Would like to form a post-Industrial/Electronica/Power-Electronics/Noise/Neo-folk band. Well maybe.

Here’s an illo I did last summer, with a school theme. Enjoy:

Monster In The School Library

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