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Today’s my birthday. So I wondered if there was a Horror film with a birthday theme to it. Looked up movie trailers on YouTube and sure enough, it did not disappoint.

This cinematic nasty, Happy Birthday To Me was released in the year 1981. Pope John Paul II had bad luck that year, with two attempted assignations. Anwar Sadat got the hit instead. US president Ronald Reagan got in on the act as well, getting wounded by a gunshot. This was capped off by Buckwheat, as he said O-tay for the very last time.

Actually that last statement was not true. ‘Buckwheat Buys The Farm’ was one of the best known skits from Saturday Night Live that year. Buckwheat was a regular character from the ’81 season. One of Eddie Murphy’s best television sketches before he went off and made a whole bunch of crappy movies.

Apparently some people can never get enough of bloodshed. The year of 1981 saw the release of the Horror flick, Happy Birthday To Me. Here’s the trailer:

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