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Two of my illustrations have been published by Feral House for their coloring book series. One for David Bowie, and the other for Lemmy Kilmister. Both of these new releases are available for purchase now from the website.

For the Lemmy submission, I including Wendy O Williams from The Plasmatics. Lemmy and Wendy did a duet together, a cover of ‘Stand By Your Man.’ The Bowie one I’ve simply titled ‘Saint Bowie.’


Two of my illustrations have been published by Feral House for their coloring book series. One for David Bowie, one for Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead). Sept. 2016.

I’ve been a fan of Feral House publishing for years. Have quite a number of FH books in my collection. So to get into this book series means a great deal to me. So if you’re a fan of either musicians or rather icons, you might want to get these books.

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Announcing new greeting cards from WitchesBrewPress now available for sale.


David Bowie from Aladdin Sane era. Greeting card by Michele Witchipoo. July 2016.

The current favorite is my Bowie card. Based on the Aladdin Sane era.

For those into classic film stars, here’s one of Elizabeth Taylor. Besides, Marilyn Monroe has been done too many times.


Elizabeth Taylor greeting card by Michele Witchipoo. July 2016.

There’s two other new additions to the line. One uses an original illustration I created, the other one is Wendy O Williams from The Plasmatics.


New greeting cards from WitchesBrewPress, created and designed by Michele Witchipoo. July 2016. Available for purchase now. 

All greeting cards come with an envelope and cellophane wrapping. The cards are blank inside, because I discovered people prefer to write their own messages. Each card is $4.25 which includes S&H. It’s $3.00 if brought in person at one of my comic con/art appearances. (The additional $1.25 is to cover shipping and PayPal costs) If you can’t wait for the website store to update, you can always send me payment online via PayPal. Just specify which card you want, and send the payment to PsychoBunnyComix@aol.com

Previous greeting card designs are still available. Steampunk Cthulhu and Krampus are the two most popular. Next on arrival should be Prince and assorted holiday designs. Most likely Halloween, Christmas and Winter Solstice. The Valentine cards such as Lemmy Kilmister and Wendy O Williams are still available. The Lemmy/Wendy one was going to be limited edition, but they’ve proven popular so they stayed.

The new cards will make their debut this Sunday at the East Hampton Comic Extravaganza. You can also catch me in Boston in October. Details forthcoming.


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Since my Krampus cards did so well, I decided to put out other greetings.


My line of greeting cards: Steampunk Cthulhu, Krampus, and a Lemmy/Wendy O Valentine. Designs/illustrations by Michele Witchipoo. 2016.

For the time being, my Etsy shop is closed, but you can still order my handmade cards. So far most people who have ordered from me have been pleased. The cards are $2.00 a piece, and shipping is an additional $1.00. If you’re ordering more than two, then S&H is $2.oo and up, depending on how many cards one orders. All cards come with envelopes and cellophane wrapping. Cards are also blank inside for more versatility.


‘Cosmic Birthday’ greeting card. Design/illustration by Michele Witchipoo. 2016.

If you’re interested, you can always email me: Witchipoo@witchesbrewpress.net or you can email the payment to PsychoBunnyComix@aol.com, specifying what card you’re ordering. You will get your order in a promptly manner.

Right now the hot item seems to be the Lemmy Kilmister and Wendy O Williams valentine card. It’s based on the time they did a duet together with the Tammy Wynette song “Stand By Your Man.” It’s in tribute to Lemmy, otherwise known as the founder and vocalist for Motorhead, who recently passed away. Also in memorandum for Wendy O Williams, best known for The Plasmatics. Below is a very rough draft of that design. There’s two versions. One with the words ‘For My Valentine’ and one without any text at all. If you’re interested in ordering this card, I do suggest ordering this ASAP in time for February 14th. You will not be disappointed.

If these cards do well, quite possibly I will go with other designs such as old school Goth, vintage New Wave/Post-Punk, other classic Punk/Metal icons, witch/pagan/occult designs, cult film characters, and other subculture subject matter.

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Shortly after Christmas, the news broke. Lemmy Kilmister, better know as simply Lemmy had passed way. He hadn’t been in the best of health, but still. Death is never easy.

Lemmy has quite a history. Chances are that if you’re reading this, you’re already familiar with his legend. His tenure as a roadie for Jimi Hendrix was only a glimpse of what to come. As a member of Hawkwind, he was the vocalist on one of their most popular songs, “Silver Machine.” When booted for drug possession charges on the Canadian boarder, he decided to form his own unit titled Bastard. Of course, Bastard gave way to the Heavy Metal legend that was to be known as Motorhead.


Motorhead helped bridged the gap between the new Punk Rock scene with the new wave of early ’80s British Metal. At the end of the day, Motorhead was pure rock n’ roll. It didn’t matter what sub-genre.

Personally speaking, I forgot how I’ve first heard of Motorhead. Didn’t matter. Who can ever forget the band’s appearance on that UK comedy “The Young Ones.”

I was lucky to have seen Motorhead live, seeing a quick set during the ’90s. At that point their classic album ‘Ace of Spades’ was already a part of my music collection. While I wasn’t their biggest fan, I owned a few albums by them. It was known that Mr. Kilmister was legendary.

Never did get to meet him, but from what others said about him, he was an extremely nice guy. Despite the reputation for partying, boozing and womanizing, he always had time to touch base with his many fans. Which just goes to show you – when you’re doing what you want to do in life, happiness does follow.

So it was still disheartening to hear of Lemmy’s death. In a world where everything is slowly becoming more conservatively contrived, his death was almost symbolic. You see, Lemmy in a way was a symbol of personal freedom.

Then of course, the blow worsen when the world learned about David Bowie’s death two weeks after Lemmy’s. That’s a whole other subject, which I’ll discuss in another blog post.

What struck me after Lemmy’s death was this. I learned that despite the supposed ‘womanizing’, he respected women. I read this blog the other night, by a former member of local NYC late 80’s band Cycle Sluts From Hell. In this entry, she talks about her friendship with Lemmy. So underneath it all, he was more of a gentleman than most men you meet.

I could go on, but there’s a Jack and Coke waiting for me. Here’s a toast for Lemmy. Hopefully he’s raising much needed hell in the afterlife.


Quick sketch of Lemmy Kilmister and Plasmatics lead singer Wendy O Williams. When they dueted on the cover “Stand By Your Man” back in 1982. Pen and ink sketch by Michele Witchipoo, Jan. 2016.



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