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Back in July 2019, I was invited by co-curator Tim Gowan. It was an honor to give a talk discussing my work among other talented artists.


The Trans-Cen-Der Art Group (TAG) is a networking and creative development community which through a monthly lecture series, provides artists a supportive place to share work, receive feedback and form creative opinions. The goal of Trans-Cen-Der is to support, strengthen, and enjoy the fellowship of artists. You can find out more about Trans-Cen-Der by checking out the Facebook page.

Trans-Cen-Der is held monthly Brooklyn Fire Proof, located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY. The lecture series is curated by artists Tim Gowan and Sharilyn Neidhardt. Tim Gowan also recently help put together the first annual Ridgewood Open Studios.

For July, the artists presenting were: Ethan Boisvert, Drew Droege, Klay-James Enos, Kerry Law, Evan Peltzman, and myself, Michele Witchipoo.

Below is a few photos artist Danielle Draik was kind enough to take and share.

Anyone interested in attending any of the lectures, you can check out Trans-Cen-Der on Facebook or Instagram.

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This past weekend in NYC was an oppressive, blistering heatwave. It impacted the majority of the East Coast to the Midwest of the U.S. If you were local, and wasn’t impacted by any blackout, you were lucky. Either way we all sweated our asses off. Global warming baby – embrace nature at it’s worse!

But you know…as I’m typing this blog post, with perspiration dripping down my face, the last thing I want to do is talk about this heatwave. It’ll only make me hotter. I’m sure you feel the same way too. Therefore let’s focus on something else; Apollo 11. The 50th anniversary of the U.S. moon landing.

Which leads us to the Psycho Bunny sketch of the week for July 21st, 2019. Posting this sketch early. This week will be a little tad on the busy side.


Psycho Bunny lands on the moon. The 50th anniversary of U.S. landing of the moon. July 2019. Based on the comic written and drawn by Michele Witchipoo, on WitchesBrewPress.

If you haven’t read my previous posts, I will be selling my latest comic “The Temptation of Squeaky” at Trashland Zine Fest II. Saturday Aug. 3rd, from 2 – 6pm. Admission free., location in Ridgewood, Queens at The Footlight. Afterwards in Brooklyn, there’s going to be an opening party at MF Gallery, for the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I’ll be one of the artists showing work. There’s also going to be a screening of the classic cult film, costumes and other goodies. Waiting word for a third event on a different day.


Michele Witchipoo – Social media:

Facebook: pages for Psycho Bunny and for Michele Witchipoo – WitchesBrewPress.

 Twitter: One account for me, and one for Psycho Bunny.

Tumblr: World Ov Witchipoo

Instagram: there’s WitchipooArt.


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Inside the Brooklyn Musuem for the Bowie Is exhibit. Photo taken by Natasha Michalina, July 2018.

On Sunday, July 15th 2018, the Bowie Is exhibit wrapped up it’s five year tour at the Brooklyn Museum. Since the V&A traveling exhibit began in 2013, it has visited four continents, twelve museums, and attracted 1.8 million viewers. It was Bowie’s personal request that the touring exhibit end in New York City, where he spent the last twenty years of his life.

I was lucky to have caught this exhibit during its last week at the Brooklyn Museum. Advanced tickets were completely sold out. The alternative was to wake up at the crack of dawn, just to get in line before the doors open. Right before 11 am, the line was starting to feel like general admission to a concert rather than an exhibit.

Luck was on my side last Wednesday. I was able to get in for the 12 afternoon showing.


My ticket for the special Bowie Is exhibit inside the Brooklyn Museum. July 2018.

First of all, the exhibit itself is far from any form of hero worship. It showed almost every era of Bowie’s career. While the initial attraction was seeing his stage outfits up close, it was the breakdown of his creative process that stood out. Handwritten lyrics, rough sketches of stage design, storyboards, scripts, all documents showing behind the scenes.

One example was the “cut-up technique“, originally created by Tristan Tzara, and brought into the public consciousness by Brion Gysin. Bowie, being a William S. Burroughs fan, used the cut-up method on and off in various stages of his recording career. In 1995, Bowie took this a step further when creating lyrics for his Outsider album. He used a custom program called the Verbasizer on his Mac computer, shown during the Bowie Is exhibit.

That’s only one clue what the exhibit had to offer. Entering the exhibit, it was a bit overwhelming at first. There’s a helluva lot to take in. In all, the entire exhibit took three hours to complete.

Apparently Bowie was a huge literature fan. He took a trunk of his favorite books on tour with him, since he was an avid reader. Bowie was huge into German Expressionism at one point, which showed up in his own paintings, also on display. Bowie was more of a polymath than the public realized. At one point Bowie tried creating his own tarot deck. It was for his own private use, inserted into film slide frames. The personal project was never completed, only going as far as most of the major arcana. Unless if that was what Bowie had intended.

 Bowie was also an actor, art collector, collaborator, world traveler, well, perhaps just an overall innovator. But we all knew that last part.

After spending three hours in the Bowie Is exhibit, I was literally too exhausted to check out the rest of the Brooklyn Museum. A few days later, I drew something from Bowie’s Thin White Duke era. (A few years back, I had already did something from his Ziggy/Aladdin Sane era)

So which leads us to…yes, you guessed it. The Psycho Bunny sketch of the week. Psycho Bunny as The Thin White Duke.


David Bowie during his Thin White Duke era, mid-70s.


Psycho Bunny as David Bowie during his Thin White Duke era. Based on the comic written and drawn by Michele Witchipoo, on WitchesBrewPress. July 2018.

Here we go. The usual promotional hints:

Facebook: pages for Psycho Bunny and for Michele Witchipoo – WitchesBrewPress. Just put new widgets for both FB pages on this blog.

 Twitter: One account for me, and one for Psycho Bunny.

Tumblr: World Ov Witchipoo

Instagram: there’s WitchipooArt.

Get yourself some cool stuff on RedBubble, featuring my designs. There’s dresses, tee shirts, notebooks, etc. The notebooks, and the Quentin Crisp tees seems to be one of the best selling items.

One of my hobbies is documenting what goes riding the NYC subway lines: My WildlifeOnTheMTA Instagram is active once again.

Come back next week for a new Psycho Bunny sketch.

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Special thanks to Natasha Michalina, who let me use her photos. Cellphone pics weren’t allowed, but she was brave enough to sneak a few. 


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Here’s another flier for the Welcome To My Nightmare event happening tomorrow night. Be there!

Welcome To My Nightmare 9 flier.

Welcome To My Nightmare 9 flier. April 2014. 

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This past Friday was the benefit for Punk Island, taking place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There were bands which afterwards was an art auction. Local artists donated artwork to raise money for Punk Island 2013.

So not only have I not managed to make it to any of the Punk Island shows, I almost didn’t make it to this event. You see, I was exhausted and ready to call it a night. Yet my friend convinced me to go. Plus I had flyers to pick up and promote for the Welcome To My Nightmare show next month. Missed the bands but arrived just in time for the auction.

Rev. Wodka glitter painting. Created Fall 2012. Mixed medium with acrylic and glitter. Sold May 2013 at the Punk Island Art Auction benefit.

Rev. Wodka glitter painting. Created Fall 2012 by Michele Witchipoo. Mixed medium, acrylic and glitter. Sold May 2013 at the Punk Island art auction benefit.

I had donated a mixed medium painting created seven months ago titled Rev. Wodka. The acrylic and glitter painting was originally on sale at my Esty site, but I figured it would would be better off at the auction. In theme with all things Punk. So off went Rev. Wodka, who found a new home that night. I also included an old mini issue of my comic Psycho Bunny.

Phil Lentz starting the action at the art auction to benefit Punk Island 2013. Williamsburg, Brooklyn. NYC. May 2013.

Phil Lentz starting the action at the art auction to benefit Punk Island 2013. Williamsburg, Brooklyn. NYC. May 2013.

There were lots of awesome artists who donated their time and talent to this benefit. There were original signed and numbered concert poster prints by Joe Simko, who did  illustrations for bands like The Misfits and GWAR. Original concert photography was also donated to the cause. The best was saved for last, when Justin Melkmann, comic book artist and member of the band WW9 donated a personal letter from G.G. Allen to the auction.

Here’s a few other photos from that night. Can’t say I know of the exact date of Punk Island itself, but it’s usually free and takes place during the summer on Governor’s Island. Best bet is to do a search for info regarding the exact time date and location for the event.

Art auction/benefit for Punk Island 2013. May 2013 Williamsburg, Brooklyn. NYC.

Art auction/benefit for Punk Island 2013. May 2013 Williamsburg, Brooklyn. NYC.

Actual flyer and letter sent to Justin Melkmann from G.G. Allen, when G.G. was in prison. Donated to the art auction to benefit Punk Island 2013.

Actual flyer and letter sent to Justin Melkmann from G.G. Allen, when G.G. was in prison. Donated to the art auction to benefit Punk Island 2013.

Actual letter from G.G. Allen. Donated to the art auction benefit for Punk Island 2013. Photo taken May 2013 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC.

Actual letter from G.G. Allen. Donated to the art auction benefit for Punk Island 2013. Photo taken May 2013 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC.

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This past Saturday was the second annual Bronx Heroes Comic Con. The free event itself took place at Hostos Community College. Although this comic con was located in The Bronx, in actuality, it really was only two subway stops away from Manhattan’s 125th Street.

The Bronx Heroes Comic Con 2 very small compared to last month’s MoCCA Art Fest, yet still fun. Sometimes you can enjoy yourself more at the more low-key cons. Really wasn’t expecting much from this event, so I was surprised about the general reaction to my stuff. Made some sales and received plenty of compliments. The best feedback I heard during the day was these two young girls. One of the girls was an animation student over at Hostos. They were delighted that the women I drew ‘had curves, just like real women.’ Whenever I hear a comment such as this, I’m ever so delighted. For far too long women are brainwashed to believe that if we’re not skinny pretty perfect specimen, then we cease to exist. It just proves that you don’t have to illustrate women to stereotypical shallow standards.

Scene From The Bronx Heroes Comic Con 2. Saturday May 1st, 2010.

The best part of this particular comic con was, believe it or not, the space between and behind the tables! That was such a great feeling, not to be so cramped in. Like MoCCA was fun, but there was so little space between tables. It was so packed at MoCCA for the artists, that if suffering from acute claustrophobia, I guarantee that you would have been calling your therapist the next day. Don’t get me wrong, MoCCA is still one of the best NYC cons. Yet the seating was getting a little uncomfortable. There was none of that at the Bronx Heroes comic con. Not only did the artists have plenty of table space to showcase their wares, but you could put your display sign safely behind your chair. No worries, no stress about knocking anything over.

My Display For The Bronx Heroes Comic Con 2, Sat. May 1st, 2010

Of course, there wouldn’t be a comic con without a mishap. Well in my case anyway. Right before a planned event, something always seems to happen. This time I had this homemade display sign showing off some illos created last year. So far its been used in the Welcome To My Nightmare 2 show in Brooklyn, and at the MoCCA Art Fest 2010. Usually before each show I switch the panels around a bit. What I usually do is hang this sign up on this black artist easel. Not surprisingly, in my attempt to arrive to this con on time, I left one of the main easel parts at home. Basically the part which connects and holds everything together. Luckily Ray Felix, one of the guys who put this con together gave me a wooden stick as a substitute. The crowd had no idea that this display was being held together by yards of duct tape. It was so beyond low brow, but hey, it worked.

Jim Salicrup @ Bronx Heroes Comic Con 2, Sat. May 1st, 2010

Other guests featured in Artist Alley had mostly been in other local NYC comic cons, such as Big Apple and MoCCA. Mostly local artists and writers connected with the NYC comicbook culture. To my right from the table, Allison Braun was selling her comics. To my left, Mark Mariano was selling his children’s books. Newspaper strip cartoonist Irwin Hasen was selling Dondi books, but left early after his panel discussion. After all, he is getting on in years.

Mark Mazz @ Bronx Heroes Comic Con 2, Sat. May 1, 2010.

To be continued.

Photos by Ben Herman

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First of all, I apologize in advance. Not many photos were taken of the Welcome To My Nightmare III event. The following two pics were snapped before the show began.

Shitty Mickey Webcomic Panels on Display, As Well As A Few Assorted Other Illos. Sat. March 27th, 2010. Shitty Mickey was written by John Reed and Drawn by Michele Witchipoo.

At the top right of this photograph, you can see the Sarah Palin illustration, done summer 2008. Originally posted on a Penguin House blog entry, September 2008. This same illo will be published in the forthcoming book, Tales of Woe (MTV Press). It’s been an honor to work with John Reed.

The other display from my self-published sketchbook, on ‘WitchesBrewPress’ of course. These images are from Babalon Babes no. 4, the Astrology issue.

Images from Babalon Babes No. 4, The Astrology Themed Issue. My self-published pin-up/sketchbook, available from WitchesBrewPress.

This next photo was of the band Skum City.

Skum City @ Welcome To My Nightmare III, March 27th, 2010.

Last but not least, here’s a classic Billy Dee Williams neon sign for Colt 45 malt liquor. Hanging in the Don Pedro establishment.

Billy Dee Williams neon sign selling Colt 45

Photos by Ben Herman

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In addition to the Nightmare show at Don Pedro’s (90 Manhattan Ave, Williamsburg Brooklyn, Admission $7.00, Starts 8pm) this Saturday, I’ll be at a few more events within the next few months.

The first one is the MoCCA Art Fest 2010. Last year it moved from its former home at the Puck Building and moved to the bigger 69th Regiment Armory. (Although I will have to admit, I kinda miss the Puck Building location.) Also note that its been pushed up from its usual June dates to April this time around. So the weekend of April 10 & 11, check out this now legendary event. Admission, $10 for one day, $15 weekend pass. Address: 69th Regiment Armory, 68 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY

Also heads up: if you’re planning on attending, you might want to get there early. Last year the entrance line went way around the block.

The next event will be at the Bronx Heroes 2 Comic Con May 1st. It’s going to be free admission all day. Main reason why I decided to do this particular con. The date falls close to the six year anniversary of Psycho Bunny’s debut. That’s the first self-published comicbook I’ve put out. In 2004, I was offered a table at New Jersey’s Hawthorne High School Comic Con. The first and only comic I had at the time was Psycho Bunny issue 1. I was the most surprised when people actually brought copies. Haven’t looked back ever since. Good times.

June 10th, Punk Island Art Show, NYC. The location is on Governors Island. Don’t have all the details as of yet. However, I’ll be sure to post them asap.

Punk Island Logo

Last but not least, as they say, will be NESPA in Warwick, Rhode Island. The New England Small Press Expo is on Sunday July 18th, taking place in the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Only $4.00 bucks to get in.

I’ll probably blog about each event as the dates get closer.

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