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Okay, so this week’s Caturday sketch is a day late. Decided to keep this week more light hearted. Here’s some summer vibes – a kitty summer fairy, accessorized with butterfly wings. Featuring my own cat, Netzach Wondercat. Otherwise known as Nettie.


Caturday, with a kitty summer fairy, complete with butterfly wings. Watercolor, ink. Done by Michele Witchipoo. July 2020. 

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In honor of all essential workers and first responders, here’s a Caturday sketch.


Nurse Nettie. Drawn by Michele Witchipoo. March 2020. 

It’s based on Netzach Wondercat, aka Nettie. She’s one of my cats, and a character in my Squeaky comic. Sometimes when I’m not feeling well, she reports to duty. Sometimes she  falls asleep during her shift.

Stay safe everyone, and happy Caturday.

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Saturday May 4th, 2019. It’s Free Comic Book Day, Star Wars Day, and also for all you feline lovers, it’s Caturday.

Here’s a little ditty I created just for two of the three: Free Comic Boy Day and Caturday. Featuring Squeaky Squeakums with her demon buddy. We’ll call the demon Maximus. Max for short. Alongside them is Squeaky’s roommate Netzach Wondercat. Netzach is better known as Nettie. Based on the upcoming webcomic by yours truly.


Created for Free Comic Book Day, and for Caturday. Squeaky Squeakums, Netzach Wondercat, aka Nettie and their demon buddy. We’ll call him Maxiums. Based on the upcoming webcomic by Michele Witchipoo. 

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Since ‘Caturday’ is tomorrow, might as well have an early start. Here’s Squeaky, along with her feline roommate Nettie, MeeShee Gamera the bossy turtle, and her mysterious demon friend. From the soon to be posted webcomic.


Squeaky, Nettie, MeeShee Gamera and the mystery demon make music together. Drawn by Michele Witchipoo. March 2019. 

Below is a photo of the real Squeaky Squeakums.


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Happy Caturday everyone. Speaking of cats, this past Thursday was the birthday of one of my cats. She’s a half Persian, half Siamese cat who looks slightly from the Himalayan breed. When we got her, she was only three months old. Her name is Netzach Wondercat, but she answers simply to the name of Nettie.


Netzach Wondercat, aka Nettie

The other cat, Squeaky Squeakums is the star of my upcoming comic. Nettie will also be a character in future issues. The debut issue should be finally either uploaded to a webcomic site, or be in print. Either way the mini comic should be finally released around Thanksgiving.

Speaking of cats and comics, here’s a Caturday sketch featuring Squeaky and her demon friend, both main characters in the upcoming comic. Of course, Squeaky must eat!


Even with her demon friend, Squeaky must eat! Caturday sketch. Based on the upcoming comic by Michele Witchipoo. Nov. 2018. 


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Taking a break from the usual subjects. My two cats, Netzach Wondercat, better known as Nettie, and Squeaky Squeakums who is a minster with the Church of The SubGenius got featured on a blog. A cat blog. Nettie and Squeaky were among the felines whose photos were picked for ‘Tummy Rub Tuesdays.’ Time to faint from the cute.

Oliver & Nubia: Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday Latest photos + ongoing challenge! (Week 8).

If that wasn’t cute enough, here’s some more photos.

Netzach Wondercat, aka Nettie sleeping in the bathroom sink. 2014. Pic by Michele Witchipoo

Netzach Wondercat, aka Nettie sleeping in the bathroom sink. 2014. Pic by Michele Witchipoo.

Praise Squeaky Squeakums! Cat is also a member of the Church of The SubGenius. 2014. Pic by Michele Witchipoo.

Praise Squeaky Squeakums! Cat is also a member of the Church of The SubGenius. 2014. Pic by Michele Witchipoo.


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I haven’t posted in a while. The usual excuse, I’ve been busy.

In the meantime, enjoy this Nettie and Squeaky cartoon strip. It picks up where we last left off, with Nettie and Squeaky occupying the kitchen for more cat treats. However, this time the pet turtle gets involved.

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