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Psycho Bunny Makes More Than A Poker Face

Even ‘Crack Kitty’ tries to get in on the Lady Gaga act. Psycho Bunny is not impressed. Other than being a “Government Hooker” you can get the latest mini-issue of Psycho Bunny (#3.25) right now. Send $2.00 + $1.00 for S&H via PayPal to: psychobunnycomix@aol.com

Fourth of July, Oversized Captain America Style.

“I stayed at home on the Fourth of July And I pulled the shades so I didn’t have to see the sky And I decided to have a Bed In But I forgot to invite anybody” – “Fouth of July”, a song from the 1990 album “This Is Our Music” by Galaxie 500. Those following…

Glam Bam Madam (Late May 2010)

Here’s a recent illustration inspired by two things: Beto Hernandez’s cover for New Love issue one and Lady Gaga. I’ve always loved Los Hernandez Bros. I especially love the 1996 cover to New Love issue one, published by Fantagraphic Books. As for Lady Gaga…I should hate her. I’m aware about how she puts product placement…