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Inktober 2018 Sketch # 4

Don’t worry. I’ll get around to posting photos from NYCC very soon. In the meantime I’ve been catching up with Inktober sketches. Now presenting Inktober 2018 sketch number four: Think I kinda-sorta bend the rules for this Inktober sketch. The focus is on inking, regardless of whether it’s traditional or black and while. If color…

Inktober 2018 Sketch # 3

After NYCC 2018, trying to switch gears, and continuing where I left off with this year’s Inktober. As I’ve been following the suggested prompts, right now I’m up to sketch number three. Day three of the Inktober prompt was ‘roasted.’ I could’ve done the more comical route, drawing one of those ’70s style Dean Martin…

Inktober 2018 Sketch # 2

Continuing from the previous blog post. Here’s my Inktober sketch nummer zwei. Prompt number two was ‘tranquil.’ After finishing the sketch, I’d say the mood is more reflective that tranquil. I like this Inktober sketch # 2 more than the previous one. Watch out for Inktober 2018 sketch number three.

NYCC 2017 – Psycho Bunny Sketch of The Week

Here’s a belated post. Trying to catch up with the Psycho Bunny and Inktober sketches. The annual New York Comic Con 2017 happened during the weekend of Oct. 5 – 8. Had my pro pass for all four days. The cosplay was on point this year. Saw some friends, checked out what NYCC had to…

Election 2016 Burn-Out: Psycho Bunny Pic of The Week

It won’t be long now, until the 2016 presidential election will be finally over with. Just like the year 2016 itself, this entire election has been deplorable. With that, here’s the Psycho Bunny Pic of The Week. End of this month, I will be at MICE Expo, selling my comics at table C99. So come…

Inktober 2016 Sketch # 2

Catching up on the annual 2016 Inktober┬áchallenge. Here’s Buddy Bear, a character from the Psycho Bunny comic, as Kenneth Bone. I will be at MICE Expo the end of this month. If you’re in the Cambridge area, stop on by.

Robed Woman Oct. 2014

Inktober is winding down. Just like Halloween, there’s only one more day left. So here’s my Inktober sketch for Oct. 30th, 2014. Got the idea for this sketch through someone’s Facebook posting. It was an article about this Iranian feminist vampire film. The still from that movie intrigued me, so I went with it.