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A week later, and here’s part two of the NYCC 2010 blog post.

During the the three-day weekend of the NYCC (New York Comic Con) 2011, I was stationed mostly behind my table. When Sunday rolled around, figured it was time for some quick explorations. Inside the Jacob Javits center, the NYCC took most of the main floor, while New York Anime Festival was downstairs.

Costumes from the NYCC/New York Anime Festival, Oct. 2010. Jacob Javits Center, NYC.

I’m not really familiar with the whole Manga/Anime/COS underworld. It’s not my thing, although I like some of Osamu Tezuka’s work. Like upstairs, the lower level where the Anime Festival was jammed packed.

Downstairs at the New York Anime Festival, Jacob Javits Center, NYC. Oct. 2010.

Upon entering the Anime section, it was crossing into a whole other world. The general age of this Anime/COS crowd was probably tweens, to early teens. Almost everyone other than the artists and vendors were sporting some kind of costume.

New York Anime Festival/NYCC 2010. NYC

Don't ask, don't tell. New York Anime Festival, downstairs at the NYCC/Jacob Javits Center, NYC. Oct. 2010.

On the mini-stage was some sort of singing contest, with a costumed female contestant warbling off-tune. I walked around the Anime section some more, when some sort of COS conga-line broke out. Half-scary, half amusing, I figured that I had my fill of this mini-Neverland. Time to go back upstairs.

COS play outfit from the New York Anime Festival. NYC, Oct. 2010.

New York Anime Festival 2010. Jacob Javits Center, NYC.

My favorites were the like the frilly Victorian-style of the “Lolita” costumes. If I could get away with it, maybe I could have one of those Lolita dresses hanging in my closet.

From the New York Anime Festival/NYCC 2010. NYC, Oct. 2010.

NYCC/New York Anime Festival 2010. NYC

NYCC/New York Anime Festival 2010. NYC

Back upstairs to the NYCC:

BuzzBuzzBuzzBuzz...or as someone said on Facebook: "Where's the bug spray?" NYCC 2010. NYC

Is it a peanut? Is it a waffle? The result of too many carbs. NYCC 2010, NYC.

The real reason why I was at the NYCC 2010; I had a table in the Artist Alley section:

The section my table was located, NYCC 2010.

My DIY sign. NYCC 2010. NYC

Jammed full of goodies at my table. Artist Alley section at the NYCC 2010. NYC

My next two appearances: Welcome To My Nightmare 5, Williamsburg Brooklyn, March 27th 2011. MoCCA Art Fest 2011, NYC, April 10-11, 2011.

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In Spring 2010, I did the back cover of IF-X vol. 2 issue # 6. Today, I was doing a quick search, and stumbled upon this by accident:


Photo featured in online article about International Read Comics in Public Day for The Detroit News, late August 2010. Amber Guffey is reading IF-X issue 6, which I did illustrated the back cover and was published in Spring 2010.

It was an article about International Read Comics in Public Day. The article was published on The Detroit News website, and reported by Eric Henrickson. Here’s the news photo up close:

If you want to get your own copy, you order yours here:

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Before I forget, letting everyone know that I will have a table at the New York Comic Con 2010. The New York Comic Con or NYCC 2010, will be held Oct. 8 -10 at The Jacob Javits Center, 655 West 34th Street. Just find my table, T14, in the Artist Alley section.


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This past Saturday was the second annual Bronx Heroes Comic Con. The free event itself took place at Hostos Community College. Although this comic con was located in The Bronx, in actuality, it really was only two subway stops away from Manhattan’s 125th Street.

The Bronx Heroes Comic Con 2 very small compared to last month’s MoCCA Art Fest, yet still fun. Sometimes you can enjoy yourself more at the more low-key cons. Really wasn’t expecting much from this event, so I was surprised about the general reaction to my stuff. Made some sales and received plenty of compliments. The best feedback I heard during the day was these two young girls. One of the girls was an animation student over at Hostos. They were delighted that the women I drew ‘had curves, just like real women.’ Whenever I hear a comment such as this, I’m ever so delighted. For far too long women are brainwashed to believe that if we’re not skinny pretty perfect specimen, then we cease to exist. It just proves that you don’t have to illustrate women to stereotypical shallow standards.

Scene From The Bronx Heroes Comic Con 2. Saturday May 1st, 2010.

The best part of this particular comic con was, believe it or not, the space between and behind the tables! That was such a great feeling, not to be so cramped in. Like MoCCA was fun, but there was so little space between tables. It was so packed at MoCCA for the artists, that if suffering from acute claustrophobia, I guarantee that you would have been calling your therapist the next day. Don’t get me wrong, MoCCA is still one of the best NYC cons. Yet the seating was getting a little uncomfortable. There was none of that at the Bronx Heroes comic con. Not only did the artists have plenty of table space to showcase their wares, but you could put your display sign safely behind your chair. No worries, no stress about knocking anything over.

My Display For The Bronx Heroes Comic Con 2, Sat. May 1st, 2010

Of course, there wouldn’t be a comic con without a mishap. Well in my case anyway. Right before a planned event, something always seems to happen. This time I had this homemade display sign showing off some illos created last year. So far its been used in the Welcome To My Nightmare 2 show in Brooklyn, and at the MoCCA Art Fest 2010. Usually before each show I switch the panels around a bit. What I usually do is hang this sign up on this black artist easel. Not surprisingly, in my attempt to arrive to this con on time, I left one of the main easel parts at home. Basically the part which connects and holds everything together. Luckily Ray Felix, one of the guys who put this con together gave me a wooden stick as a substitute. The crowd had no idea that this display was being held together by yards of duct tape. It was so beyond low brow, but hey, it worked.

Jim Salicrup @ Bronx Heroes Comic Con 2, Sat. May 1st, 2010

Other guests featured in Artist Alley had mostly been in other local NYC comic cons, such as Big Apple and MoCCA. Mostly local artists and writers connected with the NYC comicbook culture. To my right from the table, Allison Braun was selling her comics. To my left, Mark Mariano was selling his children’s books. Newspaper strip cartoonist Irwin Hasen was selling Dondi books, but left early after his panel discussion. After all, he is getting on in years.

Mark Mazz @ Bronx Heroes Comic Con 2, Sat. May 1, 2010.

To be continued.

Photos by Ben Herman

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If you’re not doing anything on Saturday, come on down for the Bronx Heroes Comic Con.

Pardon for me waiting until last minute to post about this event. I do it this way ’cause I’m so organized. *A-hem*

Anyway, this event is taking place over at Hostos Community College, and it’s free. Hours are from 12pm to 5pm. Here’s a link with more info:

I will be selling the latest issue of Babalon Babes No. 4 (Astrology Issue), which I sold out at MoCCA Art Fest 2010 last month! Also on hand will be Psycho Bunny issues, the IF-X anthologies I did covers for, and other goodies. Will also be doing sketches.

It will be the six year anniversary since I started self-publishing my own comics, under WitchesBrewPress.

If I don’t see you at Hostos, then I’ll see you at the Punk Island Art Show happening next month.

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I did the back cover for the upcoming “April Fool’s” issue, to be released soon:

Back Cover for IF-X Vol 2 Issue 6 by Michele Witchipoo

Back Cover for IF-X Vol 2 Issue 5 by Michele Witchipoo

Here’s the front cover done by illustrator Patrica Arnold:

IF-X Vol. 2 Issue 6 Front Cover by Patrica Arnold

IF-X Vol. 2 Issue 6 Front Cover by Patrica Arnold

You can check out a sneak preview here.

If interested, you can order a copy from this site: http://idea-men.us/if-x.html

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