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The BP mermaid piece has also been kindly posted on this site:


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Still pretty disgusted by what’s going on with the BP gulf oil spill. So even though I had already done one piece relating to this tragedy, felt it wasn’t enough. Did another one, and this was the result:

Mermaid of BP. Michele Witchipoo, June 2010

UPDATE: I decided to do my part for the gulf oil spill cleanup, by putting up a Cafe Press shop as a fundraiser. In other words, if you purchase a product from this online store, my proceeds will go 100% to a oil cleanup/wildlife organization. I haven’t decided which one as of yet, so if you have any suggestions, let me know. You can go here:


Thanks in advance.

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Did this quickie piece in response to the Gulf oil spill:

Oiled & Crucified by Michele Witchipoo. June 2010

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