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It’s too cold in NYC today. As of this blog post, the current temperature is 25 degrees. A good day to stay in and work on a Valentine Day’s sketch.

Yes, I know. I had promised to post new Valentine’s artwork everyday until Feb. 14th. Of course, life took over and this was not possible. So here’s my attempt at playing catch up with today’s sketch. Combining both Friday the 13th and Valentine’s Day, I figured I’d create my own version of a ‘Pandora’s Box.’ Taking a cue from Goetia demons, here’s Sallos.


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Did this late last night after arriving home:

Zepar. Done April 1, 2011. Drawn by Michele Witchipoo.

Started the pencil work back in December 2010. Although I had liked the way the pencil sketch was coming out, I couldn’t figure out which direction to take this in. That was, until last night.

You can check out my other work here at this site:

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