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This week’s Sketch Lottery character was from the Godzilla universe. Anguirus was Godzilla’s first adversary. Then Anguirus came back in another film to become Godzilla’s buddy. So maybe this makes them ‘friendenemies.’ Introducing my contribution to this week’s Sketch Lottery, by yours truly. (Don’t forget to check out the other artists as well)

Thanksgiving Thoughts. From Your Local Friendly Misanthrope.

If it wasn’t for my parents, I don’t think I would’ve gone through with a Thanksgiving dinner today. Cause when you really think about it, Thanksgiving is a metaphor for celebrating imperialism, genocide, gluttony, and for some, blatant capitalism the next day. For the dysfunctional, we get together with people. We force ourselves to be…

Gemini Has Japan On Its Mind

Originally created this when I was putting together Babalon Babes issue 4. Otherwise known as the Astrology issue, I drew this around mid-late 2009. After watching news footage of Japan, I remembered this piece. So I’ve posted this up in honor of that country. It’s a mixture of the Thoth (Crowley/Lady Frieda) tarot deck, and…