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Created this illustration back in 2015.

Now in 2020, we’re dealing with a global pandemic.

The pandemic was inevitable. Planet earth needed a break. The environment was being disrespected, and people were disrespecting each other. Greed became the new God. Intelligence is no longer valued. What smarts people have, it’s used to manipulate others. That all had to stop ASAP.

Instead of moping about being quarantined, use this a time for introspection. If you’re healthy, realize you’ve been given a gift. Officials failed us. Of course our government failed us. Any minute New York City will resort to what happened in Italy – make the call deciding who lives and who dies. Covid-19 is real, and it’s here.

This novel coronavirus is a form of population control. Culling the herd. Staying alive is the best protest. Breathing is your revenge. Don’t waste your life. Treasure every waking moment. Self educate yourselves. Don’t take health for granted. Don’t ever dare put others in danger just because you think it’s an inconvenience. If you think 20 seconds is a long time to wash hands, then use some hand sanitizer.

Have compassion for others. Have gratitude. Think about what’s really important in life. Learn how to combine both logic and emotion. Humor always helps. As they say, laughter is the best medicine. Because if you can’t laugh, you’re going to cry, and right now there’s not enough tissues to pass around.

Unfortunately there’s collateral. Innocent people will be harmed. Some will die. The takeaway is this. Now we’re finding out the truth. We’re learning who the good people are, and who isn’t. The masks are falling out, and I don’t mean the surgical ones. Everything you ever assumed was an illusion.

The earth will still be here long way after humanity is gone.

We can get through this.

Mother Feb. 2015

Pen and digital color. Drawn and illustrated by Michele Witchipoo, Feb., 19th, 2015.

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Such a fancy title, isn’t it?

Started this sketch last month, but just got around to finishing it in the wee hours of the morning.

Bad enough my area is dealing with gentrification. Last month word came around that where I live is now considered a Superfund site. I’ll let this article explain it to you. You would think that the one ratioactive block in my ‘hood would stop the gentrification, but no. Frankly, it’s getting quite annoying. Among other things.

Gentrification has some positive quirks, but on the whole it just sucks. When I first moved to this neighborhood, which is on the borderline between Brooklyn and Queens, its residents were friendly, down to earth, low key. Now it seems like a lot of residents are on edge as the threat of rent hikes loom over their heads. From what I’ve observed so far, gentrification brings instant resentment and stress.

Besides living near a Superfund site, there’s been a bit of synchronicity around me again. Just noticed it last night as I was going through my sketchbook. It started when I brought this gas mask at a Steampunk festival in New Jersey. The gas mask was purchased somewhat as a joke cause I just happen to reside near a newly declared Superfund site. Was going to make a Halloween costume around this gas mask. Then coincidences started to pop up.

Starting this sketch, I still had GWAR on my mind. This was after I had completed my Dave Brockie tribute piece. So I added the  Oderus horns to the helmet. This past week, the gas mask image has been popping up. When I opened my beat up sketchbook tonight (sign that I need a new one soon), looking at the half done art, I recognized a few things.

I’ve always liked the imagery of gas masks. Now my curiosity has gotten the better of me once again. Gas masks has so many metaphors. Masks in general have always appealed to me. Now thanks to where I live, it’s become a bit dystopian.

Radioactive. June 2014. Pen, marker. Art by Michele Witchipoo.

Radioactive. June 2014. Pen, marker. Art by Michele Witchipoo.



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It was about time I updated this blog. To tell you the truth, not much happened this summer. In fact, it was pretty uneventful. There were a few highlights. I caught a performance art piece by Ron Athey. It wasn’t type of performance he’s usually known for. Instead it focused on automatic writing. Thanks to my dear Facebook friend, she got me into this band called The Lost Patrol. Then every other Sunday I’ve been going to Hare Krisha services with one of my oldest friends. Not that I’m going to convert to Krisha consciousness anytime soon. I prefer the more traditional Hindu and Buddhist mindset. Still, I like the chanting, and I get to hang with my pal. So now I’m torn between my current agnostic stance, and wondering if I should tip my toes into the esoteric pool again. Then I had a fun night at one of Time Square’s last standing local bars. Nearby me on the desk are these drawn-on bar napkins from Jimmy’s Place. The art on these napkins was a collaboration between a me and a friend. My souvenir of the night. Maybe I’ll post the photo from Jimmy’s. Those napkins kinda sorta helped me fight against this artist block I’ve seem to be experiencing as of late. Instead this summer has been spent mostly reflecting. Reflection with a small black cloud stewing above my head.

Perhaps the artist block is starting to crack. I’ve been sketching on and off, but nothing stood out. Tonight I did this quick sketch below. It’s influence these two factors. One was a conversation from the past 48 hours. The other was articles I had been reading about Linda Lovelace, since a film about her life is currently in the theaters.

The style of this sketch is similar to what I used to do before I went back to college. Like with the first issue of Babalon Babes, warts and all. For those who don’t know, Babalon Babes was a self-published sketchbook I used to sell at comic cons and local shops. It’s focus was occult and sexuality. I stopped doing Babalon Babes around late 2009 after the astrology issue. Anyway, this sketch is kinda rough, but it works. It might do well as a painting, either in acrylic or watercolor and ink wash. For now it’s just basic pen work.

It’s soundtrack was Marc and The Mambas, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, classic Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, and early Death In June.

Gas Mask August 2013. Pen sketch by Michele Witchipoo, done August 19, 2013.

Gas Mask August 2013. Pen sketch by Michele Witchipoo, done August 19, 2013.

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