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Happy Easter 2020 – The Psycho Bunny Sketch of The Week 4/12/2020

Psycho Bunny sketch of the week for April 12, 2020. Easter, COVID-19 style.

Busted Bunny – Psycho Bunny Sketch of The Week 4/19/2019

Finally had some time to post. Easter is right around the corner. Today is Good Friday. That particularly Friday doesn’t look so good for Psycho Bunny. Introducing the Psycho Bunny sketch of the week. Easter 2019 edition. Social Media: Facebook: pages for Psycho Bunny and for Michele Witchipoo – WitchesBrewPress.  Twitter: One account for me, and one…

Post Easter Thoughts and The Beltane Bunny.

As a child I wasn’t into celebrating Easter all that much. Just remember new outfits and sometimes the family would walk through Central Park. I got Easter baskets complete with a chocolate bunny. March 2013. It seems as if everyone was making a big deal about various Spring holidays more than usual. Probably because it…