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Caturday Beltane 2020

Even though most of the U.S. is in quarantine, we can still celebrate the arrival of Spring. In our own ways – or least try to. Yesterday was May Day, also known as Beltane. Squeaky Squeakums and her demon buddy Magnus Maximus did a little Caturday dance around the maypole. If you liked what you…

First Caturday Sketch of 2020

It’s been a while since I sketched my two characters, Squeaky Squeakums and Magnus Maximus. Squeaky was based on my real life cat, who passed away last year, June 2019. Spring of 2019, I released a comic titled ‘The Temptation of Squeaky.’ Which is basically about a housecat who befriends a demon in order to…

Squeaky Vs. Fireworks

Not everyone cares for fireworks. Family pets like cats, dogs and other animals get easily frightened by loud commotions. Squeaky Squeakums decided to do something about it. She enlisted the help of her demon buddy, Magnus Maximus to put a stop to those pesky fireworks during the Fourth of July. If you haven’t blown off…

Reminder: The Temptation of Squeaky On Sale Now

Just a friendly reminder. The Temptation of Squeaky is hot off the press, and available for sale. Read all about Squeaky Squeakums meeting the demon Magnus Maximums. You can purchase my comics next month at the following two comic cons: Cradle Con and IncrediCon. It’s been very busy on my end, but updates forthcoming.

Squeaky Sings!

Since ‘Caturday’ is tomorrow, might as well have an early start. Here’s Squeaky, along with her feline roommate Nettie, MeeShee Gamera the bossy turtle, and her mysterious demon friend. From the soon to be posted webcomic. Below is a photo of the real Squeaky Squeakums.