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IncrediCon Review Oct. 2018

Talk about really catching up. Way back in October 2018 I had a table in the first ever IncrediCon. Taking place all the way in Poughkeepsie, Upstate New York. I was invited to take part back in the summer. Now I’m glad I did. Turns out I needed to get out of NYC, even if…

Steampunk Cthulhu Commission

Here’s a commission done recently. A Steampunk Cthulhu commission. Mediums: ink, ink wash, brush, watercolor on illustration board. After this month, I’m taking on new commissions. Email me for prices and details if interested. Witchipoo@witchesbrewpress.net. If there’s enough demand, I might make prints from this piece, to be on Etsy of course.

Commissioned Art For Wedding Invites

Twice I’ve done artwork concerning wedding invites. The first one I did back in 2005. Nearly forgot about this one until today. The second one was much more exciting. I was commissioned by Stacy Aragon, writer and reviewer. She had interviewed some years back. I was honored to contribute a Krampus piece towards her wedding…