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My Mermaid Piece In Nib Lit 1.5:6: The BP Issue!

My mermaid piece is in the latest PDF issue of Nib Lit. Issue six has been dedicated to the vile BP oil spill. Edited by Mykl Sivak. Featuring artists like Tony Millionaire, Shannon Wheeler, Steve Stegelin, and many others. Adults only. Click on the below link: http://mgsivak.blogspot.com/2010/07/finally-nib-lit-vol-15-issue-6-bp-issue.html or straight to the issue itself: http://scidino.com/niblit/pdf/1506.html

Radio Scratch

This past weekend I was interviewed for a local radio program. The show was titled The Phoenix Perspective, broadcast on WVOX.com based in the Westchester area of New York. I decided to head into the Metro North area early to avoid rushing. The result was arriving into Larchmont a wee bit too early. Since there…