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So news came down that comic book inker Joe Sinnott passed away the morning of June 25th, 2020. Sinnott was best for his work with Marvel comics. The legendary artist drew for iconic titles such as Fantastic Four, Captain America, and The Avengers. The comic book industry, such as the Inkwell Awards has been paying their respects to a legend. (Sinnott was involved with the Inkwell Awards)


Last year I was lucky enough to meet him at an Upstate NY comic con, IncrediCon. That day was a good day. My table was in between two talented artists, sold some of my own comics, did a commission, and met an Instagram friend.


Legendary comic book inker Joe Sinnott, with his son Mark. Photo taken last year in Upstate, NY, during the IncrediCon comic con. June 2019.

As things were winding down, I decided to pop by Joe Sinnott‘s table. Sinnott, the guest of honor was sitting next to his son. Taking a chance, I asked if Mr. Sinnott was still doing commissions. Surprise – he was! So I got a commission as a birthday present for Ben. Sinnott drew one of the classic Marvel characters, Thor.


After I picked up the commission, I believe his son told me Joe was still drawing everyday. Apparently he drew everyday until the end. That itself, is inspiring to any artist. Age really is just a number. Age only matters when you allow yourself to be limited.

With that, my condolences to the Sinnott family. Thank you Joe Sinnott for the many years you spent creating. Godspeed.

*Thanks to Ben Herman for images of comics featuring Joe Sinnott’s signature. 


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Got back from Cradle Con 2019. It went pretty well. Sold copies of my latest comic, so I can’t complain. Got interviewed for a podcast, and might be interviewed for another. This upcoming Saturday I will be doing the comic con thing again. It’ll be for one day. You can buy my latest title at IncrediCon located in Upstate NY.


Admission is free. You can get my latest title as well as my older comics. I’ll also be available for commissions.


Without further ado, here’s the latest Psycho Bunny sketch of the week.


Psycho Bunny discovers the skateboarding lifestyle isn’t for him. Based on the comic written and drawn by Michele Witchipoo on WitchesBrewPress.

Social media links:

Facebook: pages for Psycho Bunny and for Michele Witchipoo – WitchesBrewPress.

 Twitter: One account for me, and one for Psycho Bunny.

Tumblr: World Ov Witchipoo

Instagram: there’s WitchipooArt.


Stay tuned. Still have to post about Killing Joke in concert, East Coast Comic Con and Cradle Con. If you’re in the Hudson County area, come visit me at IncrediCon.

Till next time.

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Artist Alley at NYCC 2018. Photo by Michele Witchipoo. Oct. 2018.

As someone who has been attending New York Comic Con since the very beginning, one of the best things about this event are the panels. Each year the attendance at NYCC grows, attending panels is often a nice relief away from the crowds. It’s also beneficial because one gets to see how various comic book professionals share their experiences about creating, putting together a story, industry advice, etc.


NYCC 2018 panel featuring European comic book artists. Oct. 2018.

Among some of my personal favorites was attending the international comics panel, moderated by Heidi McDonald. Titled The Beat Presents: The World Comics Invasion, on the panel were artists Ana Miralles (Spain), Mateusz Skutnik (Poland) Emanuala Luppaccino (Italy) and Fabio Moon (Brazil).

Later I got sketches by Mateusz Skutnik and Ana Miralles. They were both respectively promoting their titles “Revolutions:Eclipse” and “In Search of The Unicorn: The Land of The Moors Vol. 1” French-Canadian artist Mikael was also doing sketches, promoting his title “Giant – V1.”

Mateusz Skutnik is also known the the video game industry for creating games. Getting a sketch from him was one of the highlights of my NYCC 2018 experience.

Ana Miralles also did a beautiful pencil sketch. In the U.S., artists have to nickel and dime you so they charge for sketches. Who can blame them, especially in this economy? However, both Miralles and Skutnik offered free sketches. Ana Miralles explained that in Europe, doing sketches for fans is considered a gift. Apparently in Europe an artist might still be able to make a comfortable living compared to American artists. Therefore they are able to honor the fans with free sketches. It gave me the impression that artists are still more respected in Europe than in the United States.

If you would like to check out the work of the following artists seen at NYCC 2018, please check out the following links below.



Mateusz Skutnik

Ana Miralles



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As you geeks know, New York Comic Con happened last month. Let’s just call it NYCC for short. I attend every year, even if my own comic book tastes run more towards alternative than Marvel or DC. I’ll go to do the ‘networking’ thang, check out the current trends, but it’s also become a bit like a mini-vacation. NYCC also reminds me why I got interested in comics, sci-fi and other related genres in the first place.

The first five years of attending NYCC, I got caught up in all the buzz, the excitement, the cosplay, etc. Things shifted a few years ago. Like last year, a lot of time was spent attending panels.

This blog post will focus on NYCC 2018 cosplay. I was surprised on the type of cosplay seen this year. Despite Black Panther being huge at the box office, I didn’t see a lot of Wakanda. There’s this photo:


Black Panther cosplay at NYCC 2018. Photo by Michele Witchipoo.

Was more surprised on witnessing more Harry Potter cosplay. Doctor Who cosplay went down. Bob’s Burger cosplay went up. Star Wars cosplay from any era will always be a staple of any comic book convention. That’s a given.


Another reminder about many years I’ve been attending NYCC. In 2008, I saw a man outside the Javits Center play the accordion while wearing a Boba Fett helmet. Exactly ten years later, he was back!


Boba Fett playing the accordion outside 2018 NYC. First saw him back in 2008. Renegade Accordion on FB and IG. Photo by Michele Witchipoo, Oct. 2018.

Deadpool cosplay was still going strong, but it was usually in some form of mash-up/crossplay.


Pope Deadpool. NYCC 2018. Photo by Michele Witchipoo Oct. 2018.


Cosplay at NYCC 2018. Photo by Michele Witchipoo. Oct. 2018.

Ending part one of NYCC 2018 is the inescapable photobomb. None other than good old Deadpool himself.


When you’re photo bombed by Deadpool. NYCC 2018. Photo by Michele Witchipoo. Oct 2018.

This report on NYCC 2018 will be continued on another blog post. Until then, enjoy some tasty grub from the Bob’s Burgers food trucks outside of Javits Center.

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IMG_5847 (1)

The day after the great CAKE and Ben Folds Five concert, me and Ben headed over to Connecticut. There was a comic con happening that weekend over at the Mohegan Sun casino. Terrificon was good that it’s focus was more on the comic book creators rather than obtaining celebrities autographs. That particular artist alley featured established comic book writers and artists, as local talent. Of course there was plenty of cosplay to be found. There was a few known media guests such as model/actress Pom Klementieff, who portrayed Mantis from Guardians of The Galaxy 2. She was sitting next to Henry Winkler in the autograph section.


No, I didn’t have a table. This time I went as a spectator. It was also an excuse to get out of NYC for a few hours. Despite the dismal Greyhound bus ride, I’d say it was worth the trip. Even if the bus was delayed for over thirty minutes. The passengers were mostly disgruntled Anita Baker fans, trying to catch her concert also happening at Mohegan Sun later that evening.

It was a relief to find a comic con featuring more comic book professionals rather than pop culture personalities. Before the comic con winded down on Saturday, there was a panel honoring comic book writer Roy Thomas. Thomas was presented with an award for his contribution in the sequential field.

IMG_5875 (1)

Panel featuring comic book writer Roy Thomas. Prior to receiving an award. Photo by Michele Witchipoo, Aug. 18th, 2018.

Apparently a few exits before Mohegan Sun, there’s a Pez museum. The kid inside me loudly acknowledged this, as I spotted the billboard through my bus window. Sure enough, there was a Pez vendor table at the Terrificon. Kinda wished I had never discarded my old Pez containers. Especially the reissued Star Wars and Halloween editions.

Among some of the comic creators in artist alley: met Bob Almond again, who created the Inkwell Awards, Ray Felix who does Bronx Heroes Con, Barbara Friedlander who I unfortunately missed by the time I arrived at the venue, Art Baltazar, Neal Adams, Afua Richardson, Scott Hanna, C.F. Cebulski, and many others. Below are photos are David Thorn Wenzel and Tifa Chii.

The cosplayers and gamers weren’t left out. Here’s a few other cosplayer photos to round out this blog post.

Last but not least, here’s a cosplayer doing a mash-up of Booster Gold and Goldstar.


Terrificon is highly recommended as a comic con. If given the opportunity I would attend again. It’s geared towards more mainstream comics rather than self-published and indie. Then again, it’s still a good excuse to get out of NYC for the day. Didn’t spend much time in Mohegan Sun itself. Pretty much all casinos reek of desperation and spilled soda on carpets. As for the return ride to NYC; that was purgatory. Some jackass held up the bus for almost two hours. If there’s anything I learned, the bus drivers that work for Greyhound have the patience of saints. Seriously. That day I witnessed two drivers who had more than enough reason to lose their tempers. Had they done so, it would’ve been justified – but yet they didn’t. So kudos to them. Greyhound itself however, truly sucks. Even those cheapo companies like GoBus, BoltBus or MegaBus seem to have smoother rides. My advice for next year is to get a Zipcar or arrange a carpool. Seriously.

Enough kvetching. In late October I’m going to have my own table at a local comic con. Details forthcoming. So with my luck, I’ll probably end up taking Greyhound again.

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Last minute…I’ll be at the MoCCA Art Fest 2013, sharing a table with two other cartoonists.



MoCCA, which stand for Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art has joined forces with The Society of Illustrators, bringing you Mocca Arts Festival 2013. Just like what the poster says, it’ll take place the weekend of April 6 and 7th, 2013 at The 69th Regiment Armory (located at 68 Lexington Ave between E. 25th and 26th streets.)

I missed the Mocca Art Fest last year, due to previous plans. Yet 2013 is a another year. At the last minute I got offered table space. I’ll be sharing a table with two other cartoonists, E.J. Barnes and Paul Curtis. Looking forward to the fest, and if you’re planning to buy my work, drop by or just say hi.

Mocca Fest 2013 Poster by Michael DeForge

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Before Hurricane Sandy and the US Presidential Elections, there was the 2012 New York Comic Con.

The New York Comic Con has become an annual event in NYC since 2006, making it the second largest comicbook convention in the United States, next to the San Diego Comic Con.

My ‘Professional’ pass for the 2012 NYCC.
Photo by Michele Witchipoo.

I had a small table in Artist Alley back in 2010. Perhaps one day I’ll have another shot at having a table in that section. In the meantime, I was perfectly content to walk around with a professional badge around my neck.

Greetings Earthlings. NYCC Entrance. Oct. 2012.
Photo by Michele Witchipoo.

Like all such events, there are trends. Particularly pop culture trends, and comic book conventions are no exception. This year the 11th regeneration of Doctor Who, (currently portrayed by Matt Smith) was in vogue. An interesting development in this craze was there were just as many females dressing up as ‘the doctor’ as there were males. There were more female doctors, as a matter of fact, fez hats and all.

In the autograph section was British actor Peter Davidson, who was the fifth doctor in the ongoing series. Currently in the UK version of Law and Order, he was gracious enough to pose for fan photographs.

Doctor Who fan Ben Herman shakes hands with British actor Peter Davidson, who played the fifth Doctor Who. New York Comic Con 2012. Photo by Michele Witchipoo. Oct. 2012.

One sidenote: his current son-in-law is the tenth doctor, David Tennant.

Besides Doctor Who being in vogue, there were The Avengers (not the American punk band from the late 70s, I meant the comic). There were especially a lot of fans dressed like Captain America, no doubt thanks to the hit movie. All the cosplayers were out in full force, of course. I did see two people in attendance dressed like characters from The Rocky Horror Picture show.

Hip Hop/Rap & comics panel. Went here by accident, but stayed because of some of the righteous stuff that was being said. Reminded me of some of the globalization lectures I heard in Austria this past spring.
Fuzzy photo taken by Michele Witchipoo

By accident I walked into a panel discussing Rap and Hip-Hop’s connection with comic-book culture. Instead of turning around, I stayed due to some of the key points being discussed during talks. My eyebrows were raised when female rapper Jean Grae mentioned reading my all-time favorite comic Love and Rockets during her formative years. Afterwards I approached her, informing her that I was also a huge Los Hernandez fan. Well she gave me an unexpected sincere hug, and that converted me into being her fan.

Joel Hodgson from Mystery Science Theater 3000. NYCC 2012.
Photo by Michele Witchipoo.

On Sunday there was a pleasant surprise. Joel Hodgson from Mystery Science Theater 3000 from Mystery Science Theater 3000 was signing autographs.

Onto Artist Alley. A major improvement when it came to this department. It was much more organized than in previous years. Therefore it was easier to walk around, checking out assorted artists, ranging from established to the independent. For example, George Perez (Wonder Woman circa 1980s) had a table selling his work.

Here’s some additional photos from this year’s event, which took place at the Jacob Javits Center.

Proof that social media and/or iPhone apps have made it into the heart of pop culture consciousness. Instagram app. NYCC 2012.
Photo by Michele Witchipoo

Love in an elevator. NYCC 2012.
Photo by Michele Witchipoo

Felix The Cat! At the NYCC, you might need more than a bag of tricks.
NYCC Oct. 2012.
Photo by Michele Witchipoo

Even at comic cons, it might be a nice day for a white wedding.
NYCC 2012.
Photo by Michele Witchipoo

Cosplayer. NYCC 2012.
Photo by Michele Witchipoo

Fan dressed as the 10th Doctor. As in Doctor Who. NYCC 2012.
Photo by Michele Witchipoo.

Checking out the activities before extermination.
NYCC 2012.
Photo by Michele Witchipoo

One of these days, I’m gonna dress like a furry for Halloween. But that’s all. No funny business. Just the costume.
NYCC 2012
Photo by Michele Witchipoo

NYCC 2012
Photo by Michele Witchipoo

Punk/Batcave 80s throwback.
First spotted her during in the “Art Takes Times Square” event in June 2012.
NYCC 2012
Photo by Michele Witchipoo

Punk/Batcave 80s throwback.
First spotted her during in the “Art Takes Times Square” event in June 2012.
I want her skirt.
NYCC 2012

More photos to be added. To be continued.

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