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Before going to Salzburg back in April, I was told that Austria had some of the best dairy products. That advice did not disappoint. One of the first things I ordered, after settling into my hotel room was a glass of milk. Immediately you could tell the difference between the local Austrian milk, vs. the American factory mas-produced product. For starters, you didn’t taste any sort of chemicals. If there was, I couldn’t tell.

So besides the yogurt and the cheese, I checked out some of the local candy. Chocolate in particular. True, this entry isn’t proving to be very vegan friendly, but hey, when in Austria, right?  Although I did refrain from meat products.

Anyway, on one of the last days of my Austrian adventure, I ventured inside this confection store. It more or less catered to the tourist crowd, as tales of Mozart and the Sound of Music danced in their heads. For myself I picked a few marzipan pieces in the shape of bunnies. Then I stumbled upon this:

Austrian milk chocolate candy, complete with old fashioned graphics and retro artwork.

Kinda cute, huh? Here’s another photo…

Austrian milk chocolate candy with retro wrapping.

Of course, the main selling point of Salzburg is having been the birthplace of Mozart. So everywhere you go, you’ll see images of the Amadeus everywhere. Salzburg even has an annual classical musical festival, which I guess probably brings a good amount of revenue into the town. Since the composer is one of the main selling points, you’ll spot Mozart chocolates being hawked all over the place.

Near where I stayed was a small local supermarket chain called Bila. Trying to beat the tourist mark-ups, I brought a whole bunch of these products:

Mirabell Mozart kugeln. As of this blog entry, this is the last one left, reserve for my friend.

Mirabell Mozart kugeln chocolates comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, mostly round chocolate shapes. The ones I brought had a pistachio and chocolate mix, which I was told much about during my trip. My only disappointment was when I turned over the bar package, and discovered that Kraft was the manufacture of these products. Not that I have any against Kraft, but while I was in Austria, I wanted purely Austrian products. I wasn’t looking for anything connected to American companies.

Top lid packaging Reber Mozart Kugel chocolates.

There’s a few brands of Mozart chocolates, and the one I recommend is Reber. Mozart Kugel gourmet chocolates was lovely. With some of the ingredients such as sugar, almonds, cocoa, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, hazelnuts, pistachios, glucose, invertase (natural softener), lecithin (emulsifier), natural and artificial flavors, etc. Oh, and the milk chocolate contains min. 20% milk solids. For the most part it’s natural. Usually I hate getting chocolates as gifts, but maybe for next Valentine’s Day, I might make an exception for this.

Straight from Austria. Reber Mozart chocolates. Highly recommended.

My only regret with these purchases is that I had brought more of the Mirabella Mozart chocolates than the Reber ones.

Just found out that you can order more of these online. So maybe when I become nostalgic for Salzburg, perhaps I’ll just get these.

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So today I found out that the ice cream chain Baskin Robbins was retiring approximately five flavors. This news was not really much of importance at first. Until the flavor French Vanilla came up. Seems that French Vanilla, along with Campfire S’mores, Apple Pie a La Mode, Caramel Praline Cheesecake, and Superfudge Truffle are no more. Sheesh, just reading that added an additional five pounds.

This arose my curiosity. I remember when I was a child, and my mother always insisted that I didn’t like chocolate. My so-called ice cream preferences were either vanilla or strawberry. Never did recall an allergic reaction to chocolate. As a matter of fact, my current sweet flavors is either chocolate or strawberry. If I really want to indulge, there’s always peanut butter mixed with chocolate. Any flavor really, but not vanilla too much.

One of my first ever jobs actually was working at a Haagen Dazs shop. Hated that job. Only lasted a few months. Afterwards, my chump change went to Ben & Jerry’s. Although I do remember Steve’s ice cream.

As if I didn’t have anything better to do, I telephoned my mother. As the phone rang, memories of having Baskin Robbin ice cream inside a mini baseball cap came to mind. Besides, I wanted to know if she ever got me the French Vanilla.

“Hi Mom. Hey, when I was a kid, did you ever get the French Vanilla flavor from Baskin Robbins? Was it French Vanilla or just plain Vanilla?”

My mother: “I don’t know. I can’t remember.”

Speaking of forgetting, I forgot that my mother’s memory is pretty much shot nowadays. Against better judgment, I decided to press the inquiry a slight further.

“Mom. Was it true, I really didn’t like chocolate when I was a kid.”

Mom: “No, you loved chocolate when you were growing up.”

Me: “Then why when I was growing up, you would always insist that I didn’t like chocolate. You claimed that my favorite flavor was vanilla…”

Mom (interrupting me): “Oh, you liked chocolate. You liked it a lot. It’s just that whenever you had chocolate ice cream, you would make a mess. So I got you vanilla instead.”

Leave it to memory loss for a confession. Wonder what else I should know about.

After I hung up, went outside in 93 degree hot weather, and walked down the block. Decided to have the French Vanilla before it went into ‘Deep Freeze’ retirement. Went inside to the local Baskin Robbins which has merged with Dunkin Donuts. Only this local Baskin Robbins didn’t have all of the so-called “31 Flavors.” Since it was sharing space with Dunkin Donuts, it only had about ten flavors on display. Oh, and no French Vanilla. They did have the plastic mini baseball caps. One out of two ain’t bad. Even if I was wasting money on franchise corporate crappola a la mode.

Anyway…here’s a quick illustration I did in honor of ice cream.

Ice Cream Girl. July 2010. Illo by Michele Witchipoo

Eh…I always preferred Carvel to Baskin Robbins anyway. So Fudgie Whale that.

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