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Merry Christmas, Love Psycho Bunny

Psycho Bunny has a message for everyone celebrating this 2018 holiday season: Over the 2018 holiday season, check out these social media links! Facebook: pages for Psycho Bunny and for Michele Witchipoo – WitchesBrewPress.  Twitter: One account for me, and one for Psycho Bunny. Tumblr: World Ov Witchipoo Instagram: there’s WitchipooArt.  Get yourself some cool stuff on…

Psycho Bunny Deals With The Heatwave.

The sun is not always good for you. It’s especially not good to Psycho Bunny. Let’s see how he deals with a heatwave… You can always order my comics, prints and art through my website: witchesbrewpress.com PayPal accepted. Also available for commissions. Just email me at Witchipoo@witchesbrewpress.net for any info.

How Psycho Bunny Feels About Saint Patrick’s Day

Psycho Bunny. Everyone’s favorite alcoholic rabbit. How does he feel about Saint Patrick’s Day? The below pic will tell you: Having said that, look out for the long awaited return of that fuzzy butt loser, Psycho Bunny. A new mini-issue is in the works.