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Cleo – Sketch Lottery

Here’s my latest submission to the Sketch Lottery website. Last week’s character was Cleo. Cleo was RiffRaff’s girlfriend from the animated cartoon show Heathcliff and The Catillac Cats. ¬†You check out the sketch here by clicking on the link here.  

Wait Until Your Father Gets Home

Don’t know why or how this popped into my head today. Thought about this animated television series from the early 1970s. Slightly similar to ‘All In The Family,’ it dealt with the social issues of its time. It was titled ‘Wait Until Your Father Gets Home.’ The Hanna Barbera studio was behind this sitcom. Television…

He Was Once A Little Green Slab Of Clay

Yesterday claymation/animator Art Clokey died. I loved Clokey’s shows; even Davey and Goliath. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/herocomplex/2010/01/art-clokey-the-creator-of-the-whimsical-clay-figure-gumby-died-in-his-sleep-friday-at-his-home-in-los-osos-calif-after-b.html Immediately after hearing the news, I thought about the Eddie Murphy skit from Saturday Night Live. The one where Murphy played a bitter cigar chomping character…”I’m Gumby dammit!” So of course I hit YouTube for clip, but no avail. So I…