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Getting Financially Assualted – Psycho Bunny Pic of The Week

Overwhelmed by bills? Getting financially assaulted? Introducing the Psycho Bunny pic of the week: Saw this meme as seen below last week. After hearing about a friend complaining regarding bills, I did my own spin on it. Don’t forget to like the Psycho Bunny Facebook page, and while you’re at it, go ahead and click…

Psycho Bunny’s Subway Drama

Sometimes no matter where you go, there it is. Drama. No matter how hard you try to avoid it, it’s there. In the home, in the street, on the subway…even on good old Facebook. Don’t even get me started on Facebook. Anyway, everyone’s favorite angry drunk rabbit Psycho Bunny has his own thoughts about drama.…

Psycho Bunny About Election Coverage

We’re halfway through with the race for U.S. President. Now the primaries are over, both sides had their conventions. The nominees have been picked. What does Psycho Bunny think about all of this? Not much, and Pokemon doesn’t help either. Without further ado, here’s the Psycho Bunny pic of the week. Once again, don’t forget…

Tomorrow – CrimsonHand @Catland Books

Just a reminder that I’ll be at Catland Books for the Crimson Hand Comic Arts Festival. Various artists will have tables at this outdoor event. Gotta love that NYC summer heat. Anyway, something for everyone. See you tomorrow!

Holiday July 4th Special – Psycho Bunny Style

Here’s a late night edition. A special holiday edition for July 4th. As always, here’s the plug for the Psycho Bunny Comix Facebook here, one for WitchesBrewPress on Facebook, and my own website for ordering comics. Cheers.

What’s Cooking On The 4th

Happy July 4th everyone. Here’s a vintage Psycho Bunny sketch dated 2007. Thought it went well with the weekend’s theme of cook-outs and BBQs. The original is in black and white, this 2016 version is in color.

Psycho Bunny – New Facebook Page & Ltd Edition Mini-Comic.

It’s been a while since I posted on this blog, due to various reasons. In addition, my old Facebook account was either hacked or reported, losing seven years of social media documenting as a result. Against my better judgement, I just decided to start a brand new Facebook account. Since I can no longer access…

New Mini-Issues and Stickers.

Finally released a new Psycho Bunny mini-issue after a long hiatus. Actually thinking of retiring the character to begin anew, but apparently people started to ask about him. So on March 7th, I debuted a new Psycho Bunny mini-issue, the first since 2011. That same weekend of March 7th, I had also self-published and released…