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Psycho Bunny Sketch of The Week – Plus New WEBTOONS episode! (7/2/2020)

So if you survived 2020 so far, you’re in for a treat. The latest episode of my webcomic, Psycho Bunny – Summer of COVID19 is now up and running on WEBTOONS. This episode is based on a dream Psycho Bunny had while he was passed out drunk. I put Psycho Bunny in a ’90s style…

Return of Psycho Bunny Sketch of The Week; Fashion. Feb. 28th, 2019.

It’s been a while since posting the Psycho Bunny sketch of the week. Been focusing on other matters. Still, no excuse. So without further ado, here’s the return of the weekly sketch, Feb. 28th, 2019. As you probably read, iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld passed away on Feb. 18th. I’m not here for hero worship.…

Event At Lovecraft Bar NYC

‘Lovecraft NYC & The Set NYC presents: Illustrators, Tattoo Artists / Cosplay CON. Saturday May 7, 2016. 7pm – midnight. An event to help end new york homelessness and help build up New York City.

A NYC illustrators artists showcase, live music, tattoo artists, NYC tattoo model showcase, Venus Pain Creations, Michele Witchipoo, Margarette Ghost, Ellen Stedfeld, Christopher Lucero, Indigo Ortiz, Radioactive Material, Bodega Dreams, Black Space Odyssey, Cosplay model showcase, art networking event, trade show, art show, & meet & greet. $5 donations to help make nyc better. Food & drink deals. Dinner, art, and shows. Absinthe cocktails.’

NYCC 2010 Photos Part II

A week later, and here’s part two of the NYCC 2010 blog post. During the the three-day weekend of the NYCC (New York Comic Con) 2011, I was stationed mostly behind my table. When Sunday rolled around, figured it was time for some quick explorations. Inside the Jacob Javits center, the NYCC took most of…

NYCC 2010 Photos Part I

Okay, so I’m late with this…better late than ever. Here’s some photos I took at last year’s New York Comic Con (NYCC 2010) Part two will be photos of various Cosplay/Anime costumes. Stay tuned!

Next Weekend! New York Comic Con 2010!

Before I forget, letting everyone know that I will have a table at the New York Comic Con 2010. The New York Comic Con or NYCC 2010, will be held Oct. 8 -10 at The Jacob Javits Center, 655 West 34th Street. Just find my table, T14, in the Artist Alley section.

Fourth of July, Oversized Captain America Style.

“I stayed at home on the Fourth of July And I pulled the shades so I didn’t have to see the sky And I decided to have a Bed In But I forgot to invite anybody” – “Fouth of July”, a song from the 1990 album “This Is Our Music” by Galaxie 500. Those following…

Glam Bam Madam (Late May 2010)

Here’s a recent illustration inspired by two things: Beto Hernandez’s cover for New Love issue one and Lady Gaga. I’ve always loved Los Hernandez Bros. I especially love the 1996 cover to New Love issue one, published by Fantagraphic Books. As for Lady Gaga…I should hate her. I’m aware about how she puts product placement…

…I’m Gonna Walk All Over You

Well, one can interpret these snappy sandals anyway they want. Talk about having people right under your feet! Originally designed by Rupert Sanderson for Amneris in the Royal Opera‚Äôs production of Aida. If this isn’t the ultimate in high end fetish fashion, I don’t know what is. Original link here (with more photos):

Death Of A Favorite Villain (Malcolm McLaren)

Whether you loved him or hated him, Malcolm McLaren did have an impact of music still being felt to this day. McLaren is best known as the controversial, double handed yet charismatic manager behind The Sex Pistols. After a short stint as a manager for the seminal Glam band The New York Dolls, he went…