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My Esty Shop

Already blogged about this, but here’s a repeat. I have a shop on Esty under the banner WitchesBrewPress. There’s comics and original art for sale. Unfortunately Babalon Babes issue four from 2009 (astrology issue) is now sold out. You can still purchase Psycho Bunny mini-issue #3.25.  

Happy Twenty Three

As of this posting, it’s July 23rd, 2014. For some people, the number 23 holds a special meaning. Otherwise known as the ’23 Enigma.’ It’s been a very long time since I’ve done anything, art or writing wise relating to 23. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything relating to esotericĀ for that matter. (Stopped…

Art Exchange Program Grant v2/2013 Winners – And I’m One of Them!

Hey, check it out. I won an award. A pleasant surprise indeed. It was for the Art Exchange Program Grant v2/2013. I’m one of the winners. You can see it for yourself here:

Love Witch Nov. 2013

Halloween over, but so what? Here’s another quick sketch in the witchy theme. A love witch. After all, what would you rather have? A love witch brewing up romantic potions – or the rush of the holiday season that nobody is either ready for or can’t afford.

MadameZuZu’s Mail Art Show

Back in the winter, I submitted some mail art: If you’re in the Highland Park, IL area, the show opens today at Madama ZuZu’s. The exact address is Madame ZuZu’s Teahouse, 582 Roger Williams Ave Highland Park, IL. The show begins June 6th, 2013 at 6pm and runs through June 13th. Basically I used a…