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Winter Con 2015 – Next Weekend

Last minute notice. Next weekend, Dec. 5 & 6 2015, I will have a table in the artist alley section of Winter Con. Winter Con will take place in Resorts World Casino in Queens, NY. Check out the website for further details.  

Psycho Bunny’s Thoughts On Black Friday – Holiday Strife # 3.

Soon it will be Thanksgiving. Some people use the time off to do some holiday shopping the day after. Hence the term “Black Friday.” Not everyone is thrilled with this concept. Psycho Bunny particularly isn’t. Then again, he’s always broke anyway. However, if you do plan to do some shopping, may I suggest buying some…

Those Red Starbucks Cups – Psycho Bunny Holiday Strife # 2.

It was just only a few weeks ago that some folks were getting upset over these red Starbucks cups. Now we have bigger things to worry about. Anyway, while some were complaining about ‘the war on Christmas’, Psycho Bunny has other plans… As usual I’m going to mention about getting your own copy of Psycho…

Psycho Bunny’s Holiday Strife Part One

Ever become annoyed at all the holiday decor – even before Thanksgiving arrives? Psycho Bunny echoes your sentiment. You can always order your own Psycho Bunny comic either through my website, or through my Etsy shop. Also check out Psycho Bunny on Facebook!

Steampunk Cthulhu Commission

Here’s a commission done recently. A Steampunk Cthulhu commission. Mediums: ink, ink wash, brush, watercolor on illustration board. After this month, I’m taking on new commissions. Email me for prices and details if interested. If there’s enough demand, I might make prints from this piece, to be on Etsy of course.

A Look Back: Psycho Bunny’s Secret Club Mission

So today, I get a notice from WordPress in the upper right corner of the laptop screen, and it’s telling me it’s been six years since I started this blog. Six years. Wow. I remember leaving NYC in 2005 for what turned out to be the biggest mistake in my life. So when I moved…