Episode Two of Webcomic Now Up + Psycho Bunny Sketch of The Week.

Self explanatory title. Episode two of my summer series webcomic is now up. It’s titled Psycho Bunny – Summer of COVID19. You can read it on WEBTOONS.

In episode two, Psycho Bunny has the shakes after having nightmares about Covid19. At the corner bodega, he runs into his friend Gabriel, who he calls ‘Chubbmiser.’ Gabriel sets him straight about the virus, but Psycho Bunny is still freaking out. Episode three should be uploaded soon.

So without further ado, here’s the Psycho Bunny sketch of the week for Sunday, June 7, 2020. I waited a week between uploading episodes due to current U.S. events.


The Psycho Bunny sketch of the week for June 7, 2020. Based on the comic written and drawn by Michele Witchipoo, on WitchesBrewPress. Currently on WEBTOONS.

Again, understandably people are focused on the U.S. nationwide protests. If you want a break from recent events, here’s some social media links.

 If you haven’t heard,  I’ve re-opened my Etsy store: Michele Witchipoo. You can purchase some of my comics there. There’s also handmade holiday ornaments, greeting cards, and eventually other items for sale. Check back every so often, the store will continue to have more merch posted.


I’ve also officially launched my Patreon account. Still learning the in and outs of Patreon fund raising. You can subscribe starting at $5.00 a month.



WEBTOONS: Psycho Bunny – Summer of COVID-19.

 Facebook: Psycho Bunny and for Michele Witchipoo – WitchesBrewPress.

 Twitter: One account for me, and one for Psycho Bunny.

Tumblr: World Ov Witchipoo

Instagram: there’s WitchipooArt

Want to buy some of my designs? There’s RedBubble: Witchipoo

Also. I’m available for commissions. Comics and greetings are available for purchase. No shame in this plug. Especially with the financial impact. Questions? Hit me up: Witchipoo@witchesbrewpress.net. You can also contact me via Instagram, @WitchipooArt

Be safe everyone.


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