Mother Destruction Sketch Revisited.

Created this illustration back in 2015.

Now in 2020, we’re dealing with a global pandemic.

The pandemic was inevitable. Planet earth needed a break. The environment was being disrespected, and people were disrespecting each other. Greed became the new God. Intelligence is no longer valued. What smarts people have, it’s used to manipulate others. That all had to stop ASAP.

Instead of moping about being quarantined, use this a time for introspection. If you’re healthy, realize you’ve been given a gift. Officials failed us. Of course our government failed us. Any minute New York City will resort to what happened in Italy – make the call deciding who lives and who dies. Covid-19 is real, and it’s here.

This novel coronavirus is a form of population control. Culling the herd. Staying alive is the best protest. Breathing is your revenge. Don’t waste your life. Treasure every waking moment. Self educate yourselves. Don’t take health for granted. Don’t ever dare put others in danger just because you think it’s an inconvenience. If you think 20 seconds is a long time to wash hands, then use some hand sanitizer.

Have compassion for others. Have gratitude. Think about what’s really important in life. Learn how to combine both logic and emotion. Humor always helps. As they say, laughter is the best medicine. Because if you can’t laugh, you’re going to cry, and right now there’s not enough tissues to pass around.

Unfortunately there’s collateral. Innocent people will be harmed. Some will die. The takeaway is this. Now we’re finding out the truth. We’re learning who the good people are, and who isn’t. The masks are falling out, and I don’t mean the surgical ones. Everything you ever assumed was an illusion.

The earth will still be here long way after humanity is gone.

We can get through this.

Mother Feb. 2015

Pen and digital color. Drawn and illustrated by Michele Witchipoo, Feb., 19th, 2015.

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