Yes We Have No Bananas…

Think next year I might go to Art Basel Miami. ‘Cause they be wildin’ over there. Like that banana with the duct tape that sold for $120,000.

Not to be outdone, another artist stepped up, took the banana off the wall, and ate it. The crowd snapped away with their cell phones, while four police officers were brought in for crowd control.

It’s 2019. You can’t make this up.

So as Art Basel Miami wrapped up, I decided to do my own rendition. Pen, ink, and digitally colored. Hand drawn in lovely Queens, NY. Which probably took more effort than the act of taping the banana to the booth wall over in Miami.


$120,000 Banana (Don’t Hate The Playa, Hate The Game). Hand drawn, pen and ink. Digitally colored. Illustrated by Michele Witchipoo, back in Queens, NY. Created in Dec. 2019.

I’ve titled this piece “$120,000 Banana (Don’t Hate The Playa, Hate The Game!). Because that’s what the fine art world is all about. A game. As soon I read about everyone going bananas in Miami, that old street slang came to mind: “Don’t hate the playa, hate the game!” Exactly what my friend used to shout obnoxiously into my answering machine back in the late ’90s.

 I probably would’ve been slightly amused maybe around five years ago. In the age of economic inequality, this comes off as a bad joke. When David Datuna causally strolled over to chomp on the fruit, he probably symbolized what we were all feeling.

Back to reality with the next post. In the meantime, check out Art Basel’s Instagram. Telling you, they be wildin’

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