Victorian Caturday

August 8th, 2018 was International Cat Day. Of course, every cat lover knows that everyday is really cat day. Thanks to the internet, Saturdays have been re-dubbed at ‘Caturday‘, and rightly so. What better way to spend the weekends with your feline wonder.

Lately I’ve been into the Victorian era. Love the clothes from that time period. The aesthetics were amazing. Keep in mind, the Victorian era itself wasn’t all that great. It was an extremely repressive time in history. Among other things. There was some insubordination. When I went to see the Stanley Kubrick photography exhibit at the Museum of The City of New York last Sunday, next door was Rebel Women.

Back to Caturday. I did this quick sketch of my own two cats as Victorian ladies.


Victorian Caturday sketch by Michele Witchipoo. August 2018. 

Enjoy your Caturday.

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