Honey Bunny (Commission July 2018)

Earlier last month (July 2018), I had the pleasure of doing a commission from a lovely lady I had met at Second Star salon, which my friend owns. Two weeks later she contacted me, requesting a commission for her birthday. In her request, she wanted something slightly retro with a rock n’ roll edge, cakes and bees. The bunny, would be the ‘Honey Bunny.’

Including the bees and honeycombs was especially important. That’s because she has her own honey making business called Well-Beeing Concepts.

Below is the black and white pen version, before the color.


“Honey Bunny” birthday commission, July 2018. Art by Michele Witchipoo. Black & white, pen before the coloring. 

Here’s a scan of the same commission, this time done in glitter watercolor. Although the glitter part of the paint doesn’t really come through in the scan, in person you can see the shimmer.


“Honey Bunny” A birthday commission done in July 2018. Art by Michele Witchipoo. The scan fails to pick up on the shimmer of the glitter watercolors, but still an awesome piece. Pen, ink, glitter watercolor. 

Really pleased about the way this commission came out. Stay tuned folks. I’m going to be posting another commission soon, which will be done in a darker style. Of course, if you want your own commission, email me: Witchipoo@witchesbrewpress.net.

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