Month: June 2016

Good Grief!

Psycho Bunny channels Charlie Brown. Once again, don’t forget to click ‘like’ on the Psycho Bunny Facebook page. You can also order any comics from WitchesBrewPress from the website. Also available for commissions.

Psycho Bunny & Weekends

Here’s a quick Psycho Bunny pic. As featured on the Psycho Bunny Comix Facebook page. Which you should ‘like’. Cause then you’ll get to see a new Psycho Bunny pic every Monday. Here Psycho Bunny muses about weekends past.

What Psycho Bunny Dreams About

What Psycho Bunny dreams at night when he manages to sleep… Oh, and here’s the usual promotional stuff. Psycho Bunny now has his own Facebook page. Now there’s a separate Facebook page for the non-Psycho Bunny work, Michele Witchipoo – WitchesBrewPress. If you want to order comics, greeting cards or commissions, hit my website,

Photo Review of Catland Group Art Exhibit

Not only did I have a table at the second annual White Plains comic con, but also had three of my large scale illustration work on display at Catland. For the weekend of June 3-5 2016, there was a group art exhibit at Catland Books, in conjunction with the Bushwick Arts Festival. This worked well…

Review of White Plains Comic Con II

This past Saturday was the second annual White Plains comic con. Like last year, this comic con took place inside the White Plains public library, although next year it will move to a different location. The second annual White Plains comic con had more artists than the previous year, and it’s purpose was the same…