Catland Open Gallery June 3-5

The weekend of June 3 -5 will be a busy one. I’ll be participating in two events. Here’s the first one.

One June 3rd & 5th, I will be exhibiting three pieces from my 2012 Prometheus series at this group artshow. It will be at Catland, located in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Check out the Facebook invite (and yes, unlike those fake FB concerts as of late, this is a real invite). The exhibit will be part of the new Bushwick Arts Festival. Usually around this time, Bushwick Open Studios takes place, but BOS decided to move this year’s activities to the Fall.

Open Gallery at Catlands


The Prometheus series I did back in 2012 was done in a variety of mixed mediums, ranging from ink, watercolor, pen and acrylic. I’ve also added Sacred Geometry into the mix.

Then on June 4th, I will be at the White Plains Comic Con.



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