Psycho Bunny’s Thoughts On Black Friday – Holiday Strife # 3.

Soon it will be Thanksgiving. Some people use the time off to do some holiday shopping the day after. Hence the term “Black Friday.”

Not everyone is thrilled with this concept. Psycho Bunny particularly isn’t. Then again, he’s always broke anyway.

psycho bunny black friday

Psycho Bunny’s thoughts on Black Friday shopping. Drawn by Michele Witchipoo, Nov. 2015. Based on the comic by WitchesBrewPress, created by Michele Witchipoo.

However, if you do plan to do some shopping, may I suggest buying some self-published comics and/or art? You can always go to my Etsy shop, or to my website to purchase your own copy of Psycho Bunny. PayPal accepted. Afterwards, hit Facebook to “like” Psycho Bunny’s own page.

I’m also accepting commissions, now that I have some downtime. So don’t hesitate to ask. Email for inquires. You won’t be disappointed at the results.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

  1 comment for “Psycho Bunny’s Thoughts On Black Friday – Holiday Strife # 3.

  1. November 25, 2015 at 3:01 PM

    At least beer is the same price all year long 🙂

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