Quoted In The Gothamist!

My comment was used in a Gothamist article, published online today. The article was in response the local real estate hype about my current neighborhood. Supposedly I live in ‘Quooklyn’ now. Excuse me while I roll my eyes…

Someone contacted me, and gave me a heads up, asking if I wanted to send my thoughts. Just as luck would have it, I was still half asleep, due to pulling some breakneck shifts. When I sent the comment in, I should’ve been more mindful with my grammar. Then again, sometimes riding the carousel, when you see that brass ring, you just gotta go for it. Especially when it’s about a subject such as gentrification.

I’ll speak about gentrification another time. Meanwhile, here’s some past blog posts featuring photographs and thoughts about my area:

Also taken the same weekend. Gottscheer Hall, located in Ridgewood Queens NY.  Photo by Michele Witchipoo.

Gottscheer Hall, located in Ridgewood Queens NY. Taken in either 2012 or 2013.
Photo by Michele Witchipoo.




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