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What’s up with him?

Eddie Murphy's eyes....on Sketch Lottery. Character of the week was Prince Akeem from the 80s film "Coming To America." Sketch by Michele Witchipoo Nov. 2014

Eddie Murphy’s eyes….on Sketch Lottery. Character of the week was Prince Akeem from the 80s film “Coming To America.” Sketch by Michele Witchipoo Nov. 2014

A week late, but the Sketch Lottery character was Prince Akeem from the 1988 film Coming To America.’ For those who don’t know, comedian Eddie Murphy portrays Prince Akeem, a rich African prince in search of a bride. He goes to America to find the woman of his dreams, which lands him right in NYC boro of Queens.

As a side note. The scenes where Prince Akeem was working in McDowell’s were filmed on location at a local fast food restaurant. It was Wendy’s, located on Queens Boulevard, in Elmhurst, Queens. My mother used to pass by this Wendy’s during her work commute.

Years later, I moved to an area which wasn’t that far from Elmhurst. The Wendy’s location was still there. Unfortunately, that Wendy’s was known as one of the worse Wendy’s ever. In 2013, it was torn down. Below are a few online articles relating to the former business.


The sketch I did was based on the scene where Akeem and his personal assistant/best friend Sammi hit the club in search of a bride.

Not the best work I’ve done, but regardless. Enjoy my contribution on Sketch Lottery. Don’t forget to check out work by the other artists as well.

FYI – The film poster for ‘Coming To America’ was drawn by Drew Struzan.  




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Quick news brief. My website is back up and running. You can order my self published comics through this site, using PayPal. It also connects to my Esty store, social media, and a contact form to order any commissions. Currently working on a new comic to be released March 2015.

"Ms. World" Watercolor, pen and ink illustration by Michele Witchipoo. Completed Jan. 2013.

“Ms. World”
Watercolor, pen and ink illustration by Michele Witchipoo. Completed Jan. 2013.


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Soon it will be that time of the year. Halloween didn’t even arrive and yet already some retail establishments had their Xmas decor up. Either they want the year to be over with already, or they are pushing to make more money. I think the latter.

Can’t they at least wait until turkey killing day is over?

Since the holiday agenda is already being shoved down our throats, might as well bring out Krampus.

Krampus, Nov. 2014. Pentel ink brunk and watercolor. Done by Michele Witchipoo.

Krampus, Nov. 2014. Pentel ink brunk and watercolor. Done by Michele Witchipoo.

Below is the sketch before the watercolor touches.


Using Pentel ink pen/brush. Sketch before the watercolor added. Drawn by Michele Witchipoo Nov. 2014.

Previous Krampus Posts:
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Here’s my version of Oogie Boogie, the villain from The Nightmare Before Christmas.’ You can check it out the full version on the Sketch Lottery website. Also don’t forget to check out the other artists’ work.

Crop of the Oogie Boogie artwork posted on the Sketch Lottery website. Artwork by Michele Witchipoo, Nov. 2014.

Crop of the Oogie Boogie artwork posted on the Sketch Lottery website. Artwork by Michele Witchipoo, Nov. 2014.

Below is the original theatrical trailer for the classic film:

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File under: When the PC warriors get ridiculous.

First the internet millennial ‘feminists’ attack accomplished artist Milo Manara over his Spider-Man cover earlier this summer. Now it’s most likely the same group of internet millennial ‘feminists’ who are attacking a man known as Dr. Matt Taylor. Dr. Taylor just happened to do something really amazing with a project called the Rosetta Mission. In short, he helped put a probe on a comet in space, traveling at 35,000 mph.

Yet on a day which should have been the happiest of not only his career, but his entire life, was unfortunately ruined by people proclaiming that the shirt he wore to his conference was too “offensive.” Nearly undercutting all his hard work and accomplishments. Over a shirt with which had a sexy women pattern.

Scientist Doctor Matt Taylor and his now infamous shirt.

Scientist Doctor Matt Taylor and his now infamous shirt.

Let this sink in for a moment.

It is exactly this kind of attitude that gives these ‘feminists’ a very bad reputation. Just another excuse for men who hate feminists chime in their ignorant opinions. In addition, this sort of attitude these internet millennial feminists have is totally disrespectful to all the first and second wave of REAL feminists. Personally, I’m much more concerned with equal pay, rape laws, sexual harassment, LGBT politics, a women’s right to chose, etc., than to focus on a bowling style shirt with pinups.

I fail to see the hoopla over the shirt in question. What is so offensive about it? It’s just space girls. Not even pornographic. Looks like artwork from an early ’80s Heavy Metal issue. BTW, did you know that the shirt was given to him by Elly Prizeman, a woman?

If you ever read Margaret Atwood’s book ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, she warns us about this. In the story, it was exactly the crazy pseudo-‘feminists’ that inadvertently gave power to the totalitarian conservative takeover of America. Which led to women being forced to be either a concubine, a frigid officer’s wife, a prostitute in secret military brothels, or to sent to the camps to be worked to death. The country becomes a bleak, fundamentalist, rigid society. So next time you get all worked up over what someone wore, think about your rights to express yourself as a human being. Censorship only leads to a completely repressed society. Do you really want the right to express yourself taken away?

We should be concerned with actions. Not what over someone wore.

Let’s chose our battles more wisely.

The only attention we should be giving him is on his work, not his wardrobe.

If these internet politically correct warriors need a Twitter punching bag, may I suggest Eminem? The rapper has made a whole career based on misogynistic imagery through his lyrics. Afterwards, they can help raise awareness about forced female genital mutilation. But no, that will never do. That’ll be too much work.

In addition, there were two women on on the Rosetta project. Kathrin Altwegg and Claudia Alexander. Altwegg alone did 23 publications relating to this Rosetta mission. This should encourage young girls to be interested in science and technology. Instead, we have these know-it-all internet bloggers go on and go about “that shirt.” Thus diverting the attention away from the accomplishments of Altwegg and Alexander. Thanks. What a way to show gratitude to brilliant, talented women actually working in the science field.

On a more positive note. If Dr. Taylor had not worn that particular shirt, perhaps all the scrutiny wouldn’t have brought to light about this Rosetta Mission. It sure beats having to hear about Ebola paranoia or Kim Kardashian’s ass. It’s definitely more uplifting than the low voter turnout in the most recent midterm US elections.

Doctor Matt Taylor should have never apologized for wearing that shirt. Maybe he should have said something along the lines like “I’m sorry YOU felt that way about my shirt….” but he should have never apologized for actually wearing the shirt.

Looking at his photographs, clearly this is a man who loves working in his field. His tattoos reflect this. He’s not at all concerned with scientific stereotypes. Considering what he’s managed to achieve, let’s cut him some slack.

That’s what life is supposed to be about. You’re supposed to live it, and enjoy the best way you can. And with that, Dr. Matt Taylor has become a new hero of mine (along with Kathrin Altwegg and Claudia Alexander.) You wear that shirt Dr. Taylor, and you wear it with pride.

Scientist Doctor Matt Taylor and his now infamous shirt.

Scientist Doctor Matt Taylor and his now infamous shirt.


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My comment was used in a Gothamist article, published online today. The article was in response the local real estate hype about my current neighborhood. Supposedly I live in ‘Quooklyn’ now. Excuse me while I roll my eyes…

Someone contacted me, and gave me a heads up, asking if I wanted to send my thoughts. Just as luck would have it, I was still half asleep, due to pulling some breakneck shifts. When I sent the comment in, I should’ve been more mindful with my grammar. Then again, sometimes riding the carousel, when you see that brass ring, you just gotta go for it. Especially when it’s about a subject such as gentrification.

I’ll speak about gentrification another time. Meanwhile, here’s some past blog posts featuring photographs and thoughts about my area:

Also taken the same weekend. Gottscheer Hall, located in Ridgewood Queens NY.  Photo by Michele Witchipoo.

Gottscheer Hall, located in Ridgewood Queens NY. Taken in either 2012 or 2013.
Photo by Michele Witchipoo.




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