Month: October 2014

Robed Woman Oct. 2014

Inktober is winding down. Just like Halloween, there’s only one more day left. So here’s my Inktober sketch for Oct. 30th, 2014. Got the idea for this sketch through someone’s Facebook posting. It was an article about this Iranian feminist vampire film. The still from that movie intrigued me, so I went with it.

Inktober – Where The Wild Things Are

Haven’t kept up on Inktober as much as I should have. Just sketched this one late night using just pen. It’s Carol and Max from the classic children’s story ‘Where The Wild Things Are.’ It was originally posted on the Sketch Lottery Facebook page in the comments section. Haven’t seen the 2009 film version.  

Alf Meets Grumpy Cat (Inktober Sketch)

Yesterday I went to New York Comic Con 2014. Now I’m sick with the flu, which means I get to stay home and jump on the Inktober bandwagon. What is Inktober you might ask? Well, it goes a little something like this…every day for the month of October, you can post a ink drawn sketch…