Month: August 2014


This week’s Sketch Lottery character was from the Godzilla universe. Anguirus was Godzilla’s first adversary. Then Anguirus came back in another film to become Godzilla’s buddy. So maybe this makes them ‘friendenemies.’ Introducing my contribution to this week’s Sketch Lottery, by yours truly. (Don’t forget to check out the other artists as well)

Twenty Three With A Magick Bullet

Some good news tonight. Heard through Adam Gorightly’s Facebook post that the book “Historia Discordia” has been ranked #1 on Amazon in the ‘Movements’ category. You check it out here:¬† I also have an illustration in this book. If you want to get your own copy, you can always order it here. Fnord.

Mail Art Gallery Show

From August 8th to September 7th, The Firehouse Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona there will be a Postcard Art show, featuring mail art from all over the United States, possibly internationally. My postcard is just one of the 156 + items that has been sent in. Tonight is the opening. All the postcard is affordable, and…