Sketch Lottery – My Monkey’s Name Is Jennifer

Yesterday I submitted a sketch to this site:

Sketch Lottery is an open sketch blog which encourages artists of all levels to participate. Once a week it picks a well known pop culture character, and people submit sketches backed on the theme. On this round, the main character from the comic ‘My Monkey’s Name Is Jennifer’ was picked. So I sent in a jpg of my sketch done mostly in black and red ink.

So far Sketch Lottery has done characters such as Tank Girl, Alf, Rat Fink, King Kong, and many more. I’m hoping Buddy Bradley from Peter Bagge’s Hate will be in the roll call again. If you want to try your hand at this, just make sure you read the rules, which are pretty straightforward.

Back to the comic My Monkey’s Name Is Jennifer. Written and drawn by Ken Knudtsen, the plot centers around a boy monkey forced to be an annoying girl’s pet while wearing dresses. It was published by Slave Labor Graphics in 2003 and 2010.

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