Radioactive Synchronicity

Such a fancy title, isn’t it?

Started this sketch last month, but just got around to finishing it in the wee hours of the morning.

Bad enough my area is dealing with gentrification. Last month word came around that where I live is now considered a Superfund site. I’ll let this article explain it to you. You would think that the one ratioactive block in my ‘hood would stop the gentrification, but no. Frankly, it’s getting quite annoying. Among other things.

Gentrification has some positive quirks, but on the whole it just sucks. When I first moved to this neighborhood, which is on the borderline between Brooklyn and Queens, its residents were friendly, down to earth, low key. Now it seems like a lot of residents are on edge as the threat of rent hikes loom over their heads. From what I’ve observed so far, gentrification brings instant resentment and stress.

Besides living near a Superfund site, there’s been a bit of synchronicity around me again. Just noticed it last night as I was going through my sketchbook. It started when I brought this gas mask at a Steampunk festival in New Jersey. The gas mask was purchased somewhat as a joke cause I just happen to reside near a newly declared Superfund site. Was going to make a Halloween costume around this gas mask. Then coincidences started to pop up.

Starting this sketch, I still had GWAR on my mind. This was after I had completed my Dave Brockie tribute piece. So I added the  Oderus horns to the helmet. This past week, the gas mask image has been popping up. When I opened my beat up sketchbook tonight (sign that I need a new one soon), looking at the half done art, I recognized a few things.

I’ve always liked the imagery of gas masks. Now my curiosity has gotten the better of me once again. Gas masks has so many metaphors. Masks in general have always appealed to me. Now thanks to where I live, it’s become a bit dystopian.

Radioactive. June 2014. Pen, marker. Art by Michele Witchipoo.

Radioactive. June 2014. Pen, marker. Art by Michele Witchipoo.



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