Month: March 2014

In Two Weeks – Be Here

Already blogged about this event. I’ll be showing my artwork along with other bands and artists here: This will also show the second – third time I’ve shown my work in Astoria area of Queens, NY. Be there!

Blue Greetings

Can’t recall the exact time I started making homemade greeting cards. Most of the time I’ve made cards like these for friends. Here’s a few photos. Above is a photo of a card made sometime around 2012. I’m trying to remember who I made this one for. While the recipient’s name escapes me (perhaps for…

Tomorrow – Art Auction To Benefit Punk Island 2014

I’m donating art for this cause. Raising funds for Punk Island 2014. Last year’s auction was successful. All of the items sold, including the Rev. Wodka glitter painting I submitted. The angry glitter painting in question now hangs in someone’s residence. Near the bathroom. Here’s the flyer for this year’s auction. See you there.

Some Sketches

I like keeping sketchbooks around. My preference are the compact mini sized ones. Usually cause they’re easier to carry. Also like them cause many of them have nice front covers. One tiny blank sketchbook I found in Jackson Heights, Queens in 2008 had Indian fabric covering the book. Now I don’t go through sketchbooks like…