A Date With Death

Dating can be dangerous. Especially when your date ends up being a serial killer.

Case in point. Here’s a video of Rodney James Alcala on that quintessential 1970s game show “The Dating Game.”

You would think the producers did background checks on their contestants. On the contrary. Alcala already had a criminal record. He was a convicted rapist and registered sex offender. Yet somehow he was deemed acceptable for a national game show. After this episode aired, he was accused of murdering at least 50 victims. Mostly women and few teenage boys. Even today as he sits inside a jail cell, the body count continues. Investigators still continue to link other grizzly murders to Acala.

Luckily “bachelorette” Cheryl Bradshaw did not go on the date. By listening to her gut instincts, she refused to carry through because he was ‘creepy.’ Wonder what ever happened to her?

This isn’t new. Many other websites have already reported this crime tidbit. So while there’s nothing new to add, consider it a cautionary tale.

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