Month: October 2012

Happy Halloween 2012!

Here’s a quick sketch I did last night, despite being exhausted:

Rabbit Playing Bodhan Painting Oct. 2012

Completed this painting last night. Based on a tattoo I saw in a photograph: Did the background last month with acrylic and glitter. Didn’t know which direction to go until recently. It’s a pity the scan doesn’t show the true beauty of this piece. From what I understand, this tattoo is based on an ancient…

My Art In Filthy Cake Horror Anthology/Scary Art Publishing

I illustrated a sequential art story written by horror artist extraordinaire Nicolas Caesar. It’s an awesome comic book anthology featuring many great artists and writers. So what are you waiting for? It debuted at the APE show in San Fransisco recently, in which the books sold out. A new batch is being printed as we…

Runes Oct. 2012

Here’s my latest illustration. Continuing with the Asatru influence. In the background of this piece, you can also see the Yggdrasil tree. To quote Wikipedia (yeah, I know, but bear with me) Yggdrasill is an immense tree that is central in Norse cosmology on which the nine worlds existed. In case you’re interested, I’m creating…

Women Of Esoterica/Alien Art Genre Posts Michele Witchipoo

The ‘Gnostic Three of Swords’ illustration has been posted again on two more blogs. I’m really grateful for the support and mention. Here are the links: Thanks once again to Regan Lee.

Michele Witchipoo Interview Jazma Online

Comicbook reviewer and journalist Richard Vasseur was gracious enough to interview me on the Jazma Online Forum website. You can read the interview here: Thanks again to Richard for conducting the interview.