Chocolate Memorabilia.

Continuing where I left off with the last post. Also brought during my trip to Austria was these mini milk chocolate bars. I really brought them for the nostalgic novelty.

Austrian milk chocolate candy, complete with old fashioned graphics and retro artwork.

Austrian milk chocolate candy with retro wrapping.

In my last post “Rock Me Amadeus” I showed these two photos. Thought I would show up close pics of the wrappings.

Up close of the Austrian mini milk chocolate bars.

Thanks to my In-Design professor, she taught me to pay more attention to graphic details. Actually I’ve always did, but in recent years I was trying to get away from anything mass consumption. She did point out how important it was to keep up with current magazines, design, and she does have a point. So I began to stick my head out of the self-imposed rabbit hole a little more often.

I’m a sucker of yesteryear images. Which is why I brought the chocolates posted above. As they say, ‘as above, so below’ and hence below is another close-up inspection.

Up-close scan of Heidel milk chocolate with retro design. Brought in Austria.

My personal favorite here is the puss in boots illustration.These are from the Heidel brand. Brought from a touristy confection store in the New Town of Salzburg. Heidel has a variety of designs.

Confiserie Heidel Schokoladen Mini Euro.

Similar to chocolates with US dollars images on the wrapper found in the American souvenir shops, there were mini bars displaying the Euro currency design. I didn’t purchase this item.

Since a Billa supermarket was close to where I was staying, I also brought Haribo gummy bears with the German packaging. Besides the German language, there’s a difference with where the gummies are being manufactured. If I can recall, in Austria Haribo bears are made in Germany, while in the US, the bears are made in Turkey. Not too sure on this, but since I threw out the wrapper, I’ll have to go by memory.

Anyway, a little bit of edible memorabilia here.

Oh yeah, now that I’ve finally blogged about Heidel candies, they can now be taken out of the fridge to be eaten. Yum.

  1 comment for “Chocolate Memorabilia.

  1. June 13, 2012 at 4:40 AM

    How cute! I’ll bet they taste awesome too.

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