Wise Prometheus Painting

Haven’t posted in a while. Figured I’d update everyone, as to what I’ve been up to.

I’m going to be exhibiting at a group show this upcoming weekend. Besides showing my latest illustration work, there’s going to be music, poetry readings and a video installation. Something for everyone.

More details about that in another post. Unfortunately I’m limited on spare time today. So with that I’ll leave you with a sneak preview on what I’ve been working on.

Below is a mixed media painting of sorts. I’m working on a “Prometheus” theme. No, not about the latest Ridley Scott film, although he did direct one of my all-time favorite movies (Bladerunner). The theme I’m working on is based on the Prometheus myth.

The piece itself is a slight change of style, a bit different than what I normally work in. I guess all those art history classes is having some sort of effect. In a good way, of course. The style is a little bit retro, as far as illustrations goes. Anyway, more info later.

Wise Prometheus Painting, created LateMay2012. Mixed media illustration/painting by Michele Witchipoo.

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