Month: January 2011

Untitled Illustration Jan. 2011

Finally found the Arabic lettering I was looking for to complete this illustration: Translation on the Arabic: Praise Allah Aaliyah And I, I chose the road less traveled

So Very Sexy (John Sex)

Thanks to this nasty head cold, I wasn’t going anywhere. So of course, I’m surfing the internet, hit all the social networking sites, blah, blah, blah. Came across this entry on the Dangerous Minds blog. There was an article about 1980s NYC downtown king, John Sex. I remember reading about John Sex during my freshman…

Breakdown Records

The last of a dying breed. A store that almost brings tears to my eyes. I was a record collector back in high school. When the CD revolution came around though, I jumped on it’s back. Why? Because I was getting disgusted with the greedy nerd mentality often found in other collectors. To my own…