NYC Cabin Fever With Facebook Sprinkled On Top

Before this east coast blizzard happened, I had plans. Maybe go to the movies, walk around Williamsburg or downtown Manhattan. However, with this snow I’m not willing to deal with public transportation unless absolute necessary.

The clincher was when I was on my way to yoga class. Some douche speeding in the road almost runs me over. In this weather!

Last night there was major traffic backed up in my usually quiet neighborhood. Could hear some honking still at 10pm. As of this entry, some streets were still not plowed last night.

Just when I thought I was maturing, boredom sets in. Before I knew it, I was altering a photo of Mike Bloomberg in Photoshop. Re-christened him as “Mike Buttberg.” Created a ‘Buttberg for Mayor FB event.’ Gotta admit, even if it was infantile, I’m still laughing.

Which proves that Boredom and Facebook makes a dangerous combination. Hmm…make that boredom and the internet as a whole. Welcome to one of America’s favorite pastimes.

For the record, I don’t hate Mayor Bloomberg. Even though I wasn’t into Bloomberg extending mayor term limits, I did agree with his stances on social issues (woman’s right to choose, same sex marriage, etc.) My chagrin was more reserved for Rudy Giuliani. However, his attitude towards the cleanup of this recent blizzard, not cool. No pun intended.

Did manage to catch up on sleep. Can’t complain about that. Last week was grumbling that I needed a vacation. Well I suppose I got one.

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