Memories (Crowley)

Continuing with the trend of uploading old work…

For those who don’t know about mercury in retrograde, it’s basically this: the astrology’s version of murphy’s law. What can go wrong. Mercury rules the intellect, communication, learning. So when mercury is in retrograde, expect things like miscommunication, crossed signals, etc. For example, computer crashes are more likely to happen during this time. Oh, and even though we’re going forward, with the merc in retro it seems as if everything is going backwards. Not all is hopeless though. When mercury is in retrograde, it can be used as a time to reflect. Don’t be surprised if an old long lost buddy emails you out of the blue. The past is often reflected on, a time to look back and review.

With that, here’s two old pieces:

Crowley pencil sketch, circa 2002. Basic Crowley pen & ink circa 2002. Kinda cheesy when I look at this now.

Basic Crowley pen & ink circa 2002. Kinda cheesy when I look at this now.

Looking back at the Crowley pen & ink piece…makes me cringe now. To me it’s a bit cheesy. I mean, the inverted pentagram inside Crowley’s eyes? C’mon. Eh, maybe Kenneth Anger would be proud, dunno. Other than that, it’s still not that bad. Speaking of cheesy, you know what is cheesy? That Ozzy song “Mr. Crowley.” A better anthem would be Current 93’s “Crowleymass.” So don’t give us no sass or we’ll kick your ass.

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